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The Council, highest decision making body, is comprised of 31 members; a President, 6 Vice-Presidents; and 20 other elected members. There are four additional members representing: National Academy of Sciences, India; The Indian Science Congress Association; the Asiatic Society and Govt. of India, Dept. of Science and Technology.

Present Council


Name & Address

Position Held

Field of Specializations

Professor Ashutosh Sharma
President, INSA
Institute Chair Professor
Department of Science & Technology
Indian Institute of Technology
Kanpur 110016
President S&T Policies, Nanotechnology, Instabilities and Self-Organization in Thin Films, Nano-patterning, Nano-mechanics, Colloid and Interface Science, Biomaterials, Functional Nanomaterials for Energy, Environment, Health and Sensors
Dr Madhu Dikshit
JC Bose National Fellow
CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute,
Lucknow 226031
(Fellowship Affairs)
Molecular Pharmacology
Dr Amit Ghosh
JC Bose Chair Professor (NASI)
ICMR-National Institute of Cholera &
Enteric Diseases (ICMR), (JICA Building)
P-33, CIT Scheme XM Beliaghata
Kolkata 700010
Molecular Biology of Vibrio cholerae
Professor DV Khakhar
Dean (Faculty)
Department of Chemical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology
Mumbai 400076
(Science & Society)
Chemical Engineering
Dr NK Mehra
Sushant Lok I
Block A
Haryana 122001
(International Affairs)
Transplantation Immunology, HLA and Clinical Immunogenetics
Professor S Puri
School of Physical Sciences
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi 110067
(Resource Management)
Physical Sciences
Professor Spenta Rustom Wadia
International Centre for Theoretical Sciences
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Bengaluru 560089
(Science Promotion)
String Theory, High Energy Physics, Quantum Gravity
Professor Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay
Indian Statistical Institute
203 BT Road
Kolkata 700108
Member Computer Science (Soft Computing, Pattern Recognition and Computational Biology)
Professor DM Banerjee
25, Uttaranchal Apartments
Plot 5, IP Extension
Delhi 110092
Member Precambrian Sedimentology, Sedimentary Geochemistry
Dr A Basu
Scientist VII
National Brain Research Centre
Manesar Haryana-122052
Member Neurovirology, Neurobiology, Molecular Medicine and Drug Repurposing
Dr Santanu Bhattacharya
Department of Orgnic Chemistry
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560012
Member Chemical Biology, Supramolecular Chemistry and Nano Materials
Professor Arup Bose
Statistics & Mathematics Unit
Indian Statistical Institute
203, Barrackpore Trunk Road
Kolkata 700108
Member Statistics and Probability
Dr S Chandrasekhar
Department of Science & Technology Technology Bhavan
New Mehrauli Road
New Delhi 110016
Member Organic Chemistry (Chemical Sciences
Professor Srubabati Goswami
Theoretical Physics Division
Physical Research Laboratory
Ahmedabad 380009
Member High Energy Physics
Professor Anurag Kumar
Department of Electrical Communication Engineering
Indian Institute of Science
Bengaluru 560012
Member Communication Networks : Stochastic Modelling, Analysis, Optimisation and Control Problems arising in Communication Net-works (Wireline and Wireless), and Distributed Systems
Dr Subeer S Majumdar
Director General
Gujarat Biotechnology University Gandhinagar
Gandhinagar 382355
Member Transgenic Animals and Endocrinology, Animal Biotechnology
Dr SC Mande
Distinguished Professor
Bioinformatics Centre Savitribai Phule
Pune University
Pune 411007
Member Biophysics
Professor V Nagaraja
Department of Microbiology and Cell Biology
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560012
Member Molecular Biology of Mycobacteria, Regulation of Gene Expression Protein-DNA Interactions
Professor TR Ramadas
Professor Emeritus
Chennai Mathematical Institute
H1 SIPCOT IT Park, Siruseri
Kelamambakkam 603103
Member Algebraic and Differential Geometry, Mathematical Physics
Professor SR Ramaswamy
Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560012
Member Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics
Professor Chitra Sarkar
JC Bose National Fellow
Room No. 1083/1083A, Ist Floor, Teaching Block
Department of Pathology
All India Institute of Medical Sciences
New Delhi 110029
Member Neuropathology and Neurooncology
Professor Maithili Sharan
Professor Emeritus
Centre for Atmospheric Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology
New Delhi 110016
Member Applied Mathematics:Atmospheric Science: Air Pollution
Dr AP Sharma
International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology,
New Delhi 110067
Member Biochemistry, Biophysics, Parasitology, Microbiome
Dr TR Sharma
Deputy Director General (Crop Science)
Indian Council of Agricultural Research
Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare
Govt. of India Krishi Bhawan
New Delhi 110001
Member Plant Biotechnology and Disease Resistance
Professor Sunil Kumar Singh
CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography
Dona Paula
Goa 403004
Member Low Temperature Geochemistry, Earth Surface Processes and Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements and Isotopes in Ocean
Dr S Sinha
Indian Institute of Science Education and
Research (IISER) Mohali
Knowledge City, Sector-81
SAS NAGAR, Manauli
Mohali 140306
Member Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos and Complex Systems
Dr VA Vaidya
Professor (H)
Department of Biological Sciences
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
1, Homi Bhabha Road, Colaba
Mumbai 400005
Member Neuroscience
Professor Kunal Ghosh
4A, Ratnabali
7A Judges Court Road
Kolkata 700027
Ad.Member (Asiatic Society) Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science
Professor R Ramamurthi
9-A Vaikuntapuram
MR Palli
Tirupati 517502
Ad.Member(ISCA) Animal Physiology, Biodiversity & Environmental Biology
Professor Anurag Sharma
Emeritus Professor
Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
New Delhi 110016
Ad.Member (NASI) Photonics, Fiber & Integrated Optics; Gradient-Index Optics; Applied Optics
Dr VM Tiwari
CSIR- National Geophysical Research Institute
Uppal Road
Hyderabad 500007
Ad.Member (GOI, DST Nominee) Geophysics: (Gravimetry, Geodynamics and Hydrology)

Past President

Sir Lewis Leigh Fermor1935-36
Professor Meghnad Saha1937-38
Lt Col Ram Nath Chopra1939-40
Dr Baini Prasad1941-42
Dr Jnan Chandra Ghosh1943-44
Dr Darashaw Nosherwanji Wadia1945-46
Dr Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar1947-48
Professor Satyendra Nath Bose1949-50
Dr Sunder Lal Hora1951-52
Professor Kariamanikkam Srinivasa Krishnan1953-54
Dr Amulya Chandra Ukil1955-56
Professor Prasantha Chandra Mahalanobis1957-58
Professor Sisir Kumar Mitra1959-60
Dr Ajudhia Nath Khosla1961-62
Dr Homi Jehangir Bhabha1963-64
Professor Vasant Ramji Khanolkar1965-66
Professor Tiruvenkata Rajendra Seshadri1967-68
Dr Atma Ram1969-70
Professor Bagepalli Ramachandrachar Seshachar1971-72
Professor Daulat Singh Kothari1973-74
Dr Benjamin Peary Pal1975-76
Dr Raja Ramanna1977-78
Dr Vulimiri Ramalingaswami1979-80
Professor Mambillikalathil Govind Kumar Menon1981-82
Professor Arun Kumar Sharma1983-84
Professor Chintamani Nagesa Ramachandra Rao1985-86
Professor Autar Singh Paintal1987-88
Professor Man Mohan Sharma1989-90
Professor Prakash Narain Tandon1991-92
Professor Shri Krishna Joshi1993-95
Dr Srinivasan Varadarajan1996-98
Professor Goverdhan Mehta1999-2001
Professor MVS Valiathan2002-04
Professor RA Mashelkar2005-07
Professor Mamannamana Vijayan2008-10
Professor Krishan Lal2011-13
Professor Raghavendra Gadagkar2014-16
Professor Ajay Kumar Sood2017-19
Professor Chandrima Shaha2020-22

Past Vice-President

Professor Arumugham Gnanam1994-96
Professor Goverdhan Mehta1995-97
Professor Marthanda Varma Sankaran Valiathan1997-99
Professor Dipankar Chakravorty1998-2000
Professor Sushanta Dattagupta2000
Maroli Krishnayya Chandrashekaran2000
Professor Ramesh Chand Mahajan2000-01
Professor Janardan Nanda2000-01
Dr Harsh Kumar Gupta2001
Professor Varadachari Krishnan2000-02
Professor Chhitar Mal Gupta2002
Professor Tiruppattur Venkatachalamurti Ramakrishnan2001-03
Professor Mohammad Shamim Jairajpuri2001-03
Professor Samir Bhattacharya2003
Dr Inder Pal Abrol2002-04
Professor Surendra Prasad2002-04
Professor Raghavendra Gadagkar2003-05
Professor Rajinder Jeet Hans-Gill2004-05
Professor Sudhir Kumar Sopory2004-06
Dr Swaminathan Sivaram2004-06
Professor Subhash Chandra Lakhotia2006
Professor Mamannamana Vijayan2005-07
Professor Anupam Varma2005-07
Professor Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan2006-08
Professor Alok Krishna Gupta2007-09
Professor Predhiman Krishan Kaw2007-09
Professor Tej Pal Singh2007-09
Professor Narinder Kumar Gupta2008-10
Professor Ajay Kumar Sood2008-10
Dr Mahtab S Bamji2009-11
Professor Akhilesh K Tyagi2009-11
Professor Ramamurti Rajaraman2010-12
Professor Narayanasami Sathyamurthy2010-12
Professor Alok Bhattacharya2011-13
Professor ML Munjal2011-13
Professor SS Agarwal2012-13
Professor SK Saidapur2012-14
Professor JP Khurana2014
Professor MK Chaudhuri2013-15
Dr DM Salunke2013-15
Professor JP Mittal2014-16
Professor Rajendra Prasad2014-16
Professor SC Lakhotia2015-17
Professor LS Shashidhara2015-17
Professor Kankan Bhattacharyya2016-18
Dr Chandrima Shaha2016-18
Professor Anurag Sharma2017-19
Professor NR Jagannathan2017-19
Professor Gadadhar Misra2018-20
Professor AK Singhvi2018-20
Professor V Chandrasekhar2019-21
Professor JP Khurana2019-21
Professor Gaiti Hasan2020-22
Professor Subrata Sinha2020-22
Name – Rule 1

1.The Society shall be called the Indian National Science Academy.

Objectives – Rule 2

2.The main objectives of the Indian National Science Academy are:

(a) Promotion of scientific knowledge in India including its practical application to problems of national welfare.

(b) Coordination among Scientific Academies, Societies, Institutions, Government Scientific Departments and Services.
(c) To act as a body of scientists of eminence for the promotion and safeguarding of the interests of scientists in India and to present internationally the scientific work done in the country.
(d) To act through properly constituted National Committees, in which other learned academies and societies may be associated, for undertaking scientific work of national and international importance which the Academy may be called upon to perform by the public and by the Government.

(e) To publish such proceedings, journals, memoirs and other publications as may be found desirable.
(f) To promote and maintain liaison between Science and Humanities.

(g) To secure and manage funds and endowments for the promotion of Science.

(h) To perform all other acts that may assist in, or be necessary for the fulfillment of the above mentioned objectives of the Academy.

Constitution – Rule 3

3.The Academy shall consist of Fellows and Foreign Fellows.

(a) Fellows: those who are elected according to rules of election and admission of Fellows.

(b) Foreign Fellows: those who shall be persons eminent for their knowledge of, or contributions to science, or the welfare thereof, and domiciled outside the territorial limits of India, who have in some way contributed or can contribute to the progress of science in the country. Persons of all countries other than India shall be eligible for the Foreign Fellowship of the Academy.

Administration and Officers – Rule 4-5

4.The administration, direction and management of the affairs of the Academy shall be entrusted to a Council composed of the Board of Officers of the Academy, namely, a President and six Vice-Presidents and 20 other Fellows making a total of 27. The Vice-Presidents will have collective as well as independent responsibilities and they will be designated as: Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs); Vice-President (Science Promotion); Vice-President (Resource Management); Vice-President (International Affairs); Vice- President (Publications/Informatics) and Vice-President (Science and Society). In addition, there shall be a provision for Additional Members of the Council, one each to be nominated by the cooperating Academies i.e., the Asiatic Society, Kolkata; the National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad, and the Indian Science Congress Association from amongst the Fellows of the Academy. Further, there shall be a provision for the Government of India to nominate, from amongst the Fellows of the Academy, their representative on the Council as an additional member.

5.No Council member can hold more than one Office at a time except in circumstances relating to interim vacancies stated in rule 28.

Election and Admission of Fellows – Rule 6-11

6.The election of Fellows shall be governed by Regulations framed by the Council, but these Regulations shall provide for the following points, from which a departure can be made only after reference to all the Fellows of the Academy:

(a) Eligibility for election to the Fellowship shall be restricted to Indian citizens and any foreign scientist holding an OCI/PIO Card and working in India for at least 10 years.

(b) The number of Fellows elected shall be limited to 50 annually, till such time as the total number of living Fellows reaches 1500.

(c) Each nominee shall be proposed, seconded by two Fellows on a form prescribed for the purpose. Of these, at least one shall certify from personal knowledge of his/her scientific attainments. The Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs) shall have the power to sign a certificate on behalf of a Fellow not resident in India on receiving written request from him/her.

(d) The selection from the total list of the nominees proposed to the Academy shall be made by the Council from amongst those recommended by Sectional Committees, following a prescribed set of regulations framed by the Council for this purpose. The election shall be conducted by e-ballot, e-mail for which will be sent to every Fellow, as per the Regulations framed by the Council.

(e) Persons who, in the opinion of the Council, have either rendered conspicuous service to the cause of science or whose election would be of signal benefit to the Academy could also be elected to the Fellowship provided that not more than two persons shall be so elected in any year, and that if two persons be elected in any year, there shall be no selection under this category in the following year.

7.The Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs) shall send a written announcement of the election to the persons who have been duly elected, and shall therewith send (i) the Obligation Form to be signed and (ii) a copy of current Rules and Regulations.

8.An admission fee and Fellowship subscription shall be due on election from the persons elected as Fellows. If the admission fee and Fellowship subscription are not paid within two months of the intimation of his/her election as Fellow, such election shall become inoperative. Provided that, the Council shall have power to reinstate him/her with full privileges after the admission fee and Fellowship subscription have been paid within a period not exceeding twelve months from the date of his/her election. In the case of a Fellow elected under the provisions of Rule 6(e), the Council may, at its discretion waive off payment of admission fee and Fellowship subscription.

9.No person, although duly elected according to the Rules and Regulations of the Academy, shall be entitled to exercise the rights and privileges of Fellowship, nor shall his/her name be entered in the list of Fellows, until he/she has paid admission fee and Fellowship subscription and until he/she has signed and returned the Obligation Form.

10.Effective Fellowship shall commence after the payment of the admission fee and Fellowship subscription and the signature of the Obligation Form and shall be equivalent to the expression of a direct acquiescence to the Rules and Regulations of the Academy then in existence, and of an undertaking to be bound by them and by Rules and Regulations as may thereafter be passed, as hereinafter provided.

11.Every new Fellow who has paid the admission fee and Fellowship subscription, and has returned the Obligation Form, duly signed and addressed to the Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs) shall, at the first General Meeting which he/she attends, be presented by a Fellow to the Chairperson who addressing him/her by name shall say, ‘In the name and by the authority of the Indian National Science Academy, I admit you a Fellow thereof’, and will present him/her with diploma in a form prescribed by the Council certifying his/her election to the Academy, after which the Fellow shall subscribe to a duplicate of the aforesaid Obligation in a book to be kept for the purpose.

The Obligation to be Subscribed – Rule 12

12.Every person elected a Fellow of the Academy shall, before his/her admission, subscribe to the Obligation in the following words:
As a Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy I shall follow the code of scientific ethics, maintain integrity in research and publications, uphold the cause of science and the dignity of the Academy, endeavour to be objective in my judgement and strive for the enrichment of human values and thoughts.


Election of Foreign Fellows – Rule 13

13.The procedure of electing Foreign Fellows shall be as prescribed in the Regulations framed by the Council from time to time but the number shall be limited to 150 and not more than six will be elected each year. No admission fee or Fellowship subscription shall be due from Foreign Fellows.

Cessation of Fellowship – Rule 17-23

17.Any Fellow may withdraw from the Academy by signifying his wish to do so, by a letter addressed to the Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs).

18.A letter of withdrawal may be cancelled by the Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs) at the request of the sender within six months of its receipt, and he/she shall thereupon recover all rights of Fellowship. The Council shall have power to waive, in special cases, the limit of six months specified above.

19.Any Fellow who ceases to be a Fellow of the Academy, either by voluntary withdrawal or by forefeiture of his/her Fellowship, shall continue to be liable for payment of sums (if any) due from him/ her to the Academy and shall return all books, material or other property (if any) borrowed by him/her from the Academy, or shall make full compensation if lost, damaged, or not forthcoming.

20.Fellows who have withdrawn from the Academy shall be eligible for re-election according to Rule 6. If re-elected, only the admission fee shall be due from them.

21.If any Fellow of the Academy shall willfully disobey Rules or Orders of the Academy or Council, or shall commit wilful breach of order at any of the General Meetings, or having unwittingly committed, shall persist in any disobedience or breach of order, after being admonished by the President, or if for any other reasons it shall appear to the Council that the name of a Fellow should not remain on the rolls, he/she shall be liable to be removed from the Academy. Whenever there shall appear cause as aforesaid, for the removal of a Fellow from the Academy, if a majority of the Council shall, after due deliberation determine by ballot, to propose to the Academy the removal of the said Fellow, the President shall, at any General Meeting of the Academy, announce from the Chair such determination of the Council, and at the next meeting after that at which the said announcement has been made, the proposition shall be submitted to ballot. If three-fourth of the Fellows present and voting at such General Meeting vote for the removal of such Fellow, he/she shall be removed from the Academy.

22.Fellow removed under the operation of Rule 21 shall not be eligible for renomination without the Council’s approval.

23.The demise of a Fellow/Foreign Fellow of the Academy shall be recorded and announced from the Chair at the next General Meeting of the Academy.


Fellows/Foreign Fellows/Parvasi Fellows shall be entitled to the following rights and privileges:-.

(a) To be present and vote at all General Meetings.

(b) To propose and recommend nominees for Fellowship.

(c) To propose persons for the awards of the Academy.

(d) To have personal access to the Library of the Academy.

(e) To take out books, plates, drawings, manuscripts, etc., from the Library, subject to such Regulations as may be prescribed by the Council.

(f) To receive gratis any one of the three journals viz., Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy, Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IJPAM) and Indian Journal of History of Science (IJHS). In addition, memoirs of INSA Fellows and copies of such other INSA publications as the Council may decide from time to time and, subject to the direction of the Council, to purchase, at a reduced price any of the Academy’s publications.

* Rule 15 & 16 since dropped. Annual General Meeting, October 2018.

The Council & Officers – Rule 24-29

24.The election of Officers and other Members of the Council shall take place at the Annual General Meeting of the Academy
25.The Council shall prepare in accordance with the following procedure, a list of names of those persons whom they recommend for election as Officers and other members of the Council for the ensuing year :

(i) The Council shall determine the vacancies that will occur among Board of Officers and other Members of the Council during the ensuing year as per Rule 26 and 27.

(ii) The list of the Council Members for the current and the two preceding years along with the list indicating vacancies that will occur in the ensuing year, shall be circulated to all Fellows for inviting suggestions regarding the filling up of vacancies.

(iii) The suggestion received shall be circulated to the members of the Council for expression of views. This will be considered by the Council when the final nominations shall be made out of the names suggested. While the nominations are discussed, members of the Council who are being considered for the position of the President shall not participate in the selection procedure for this position.
(iv) The list of names recommended by the Council for election for the ensuing year shall be sent in the form of electronic ballot paper to each Fellow of the Academy at least one month before the date of Annual General Meeting of the Academy. Each of the Fellows may then exercise their right to vote online up to a week before the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting.

(v) The manner of election shall be as follows:
 Two scrutineers shall be appointed by the Chairperson with the approbation of the majority of the Fellows present.

The scrutineers shall count the ballot papers, and shall report to the Chairperson the names of those having a majority of votes for election as Officers and other Members of the Council of the Academy and these names shall be announced from the Chair as duly elected.

If there be an equal number of votes for any two or more nominees, the scrutineers shall announce the fact, and the Chairperson shall proceed to decide by lot which nominee shall have preference.

(vi) The new Council shall assume office on the first day of each calendar year notwithstanding the date of the conclusion of the Anniversary General Meeting. The outgoing council members will lay the office on 31st December each year.
26.The President of the Academy shall be eligible to hold office for a period of three consecutive years. After the end of the term of the President, he/she will not be eligible for re-election to the membership of the Council or any office of the Council.
27.The retiring members and the Vice-Presidents shall not be eligible to the membership of the Council or to any office of the Council until after a lapse of three years from the date of their retirement except as provided under Rule 28(f). The retirement shall be decided by seniority except in so far as vacancies have not otherwise occurred. In the event of equal seniority, the seniority will be decided by lots. Notwithstanding this, all retiring and incumbent members and Vice-Presidents of the Council are, however eligible for election to the Office of the President.
28.(a) For a vacancy occurring in the office of the President or office of any of the six Vice-Presidents, the remaining members of the Council shall be competent to fill up such vacancy for the remaining period of that position from the existing members of the Council, subject to its confirmation by the subsequent General Meeting.

(b) If a vacancy occurs amongst the members of the Council the remaining members of the Council shall be authorised to fill up such vacancy from the Fellows of the Academy, subject to its confirmation by the subsequent General Meeting.

(c) Interim Vacancies shall be filled by the Council only for the unexpired period.

(d) During his/her absence, for whatever cause, the President shall nominate senior most Vice-President to perform functions of the President and sign papers until his/her return, subject to its confirmation by the Council at the first opportunity.

(e) If one of the Vice-Presidents, is unable to perform his/her duties, the President shall nominate one of the members of the Council to perform such duties and sign papers, until his/her return, subject to its confirmation by the Council at the first opportunity.

(f) Any member, who has served the Council for not more than one year, either as an additional member or interim vacancy, will be eligible to be elected for a full term of three years.

29.The Council, as constituted in accordance with these Rules, shall continue in office notwithstanding the fact that their period of office may have, in fact, expired, until their successors have been duly appointed.

Powers and Duties of the Council – Rule 30


30.The powers and duties of the Council shall be as follows:

(a) To manage the affairs of the Academy, and for this purpose to make such Regulations and Guidelines as may appear conducive to the good administration of the Academy and the attainment of its objectives, provided that Regulations and Guidelines are not inconsistent with anything contained in these Rules. The Council is empowered to revise or alter any of the Regulations. The Guidelines of the Academy could be revised or altered by the Board of Officers and reported to the Council.

(b) To consider communications to the Academy, which in the opinion of the President, cannot be dealt with under the present Regulations and Guidelines, and in the case of those to be submitted to General Meeting, to determine the order and manner of such submission.

(c) To superintend and direct the publication of the periodicals or other works published by the Academy.

(d) To appoint as many salaried employees as deemed necessary and to define their duties, allowances, salaries, gratuities and privileges, recruitment rules, terms and conditions of service and procedures, to suspend or dismiss them or dispense with their services, as the occasion may require.

(e) To exchange for other property, or otherwise dispose of in such a manner as may, in their opinion, advance the objectives and interest of the Academy, any duplicate books, maps, specimens etc., belonging to the Academy.

(f) To prepare and submit to the Annual General Meeting a report on the general concerns of the Academy. A copy of this report along with the audited statement of accounts for the year ending March 31, and the estimated income and expenditure for the succeeding year, shall be placed on the table for information of Fellows present and shall be made available to all Fellows.

(g) The Council may appoint, from the General Body of Fellows, Committees for the consideration of special items and subjects within the purview of the Academy. The Council may also appoint Foreign Fellows and other distinguished persons who are competent and well-versed in the subject to be Members of such Committees. The Council may appoint Chairman/ Secretaries/Conveners for such Committees. The Council will have power to define the duties, tenure and to dissolve any existing committee.

(h) The Council shall be empowered, subject to the sanction of a General Meeting, to take legal proceedings for recovery of any sums due from Fellows who, after receiving the notice of their liabilities, refuse or fail to comply.

Meetings of the Council and of Committees appointed by the Council – Rule 31-32


31.The following Rules shall be applicable to Meetings of the Council:-

(a) The Council shall meet at such times as may be deemed advisable, and may make such Regulations not inconsistent with these Rules as they may think proper for the transaction of business at such Meetings. There shall be at least three statutory Meetings of the Council and three General Meetings every year. However, if the transaction of business demands more meetings, these may be called by the President by giving one month’s notice.

(b) The President may also summon a Special Meeting of the Council giving notice to all other Members.

(c) Ten members shall form a quorum for the Statutory Meeting of the Council. No quorum is needed for a Non-Statutory Meeting of the Council.

(d) The President or in his/her absence, one of the Vice-Presidents shall take the chair. If neither the President nor one of the Vice-Presidents be present within fifteen minutes after the hour appointed for the meeting, the Fellows present shall elect a Chairperson.

(e) The ordinary method of voting shall be by show of hands, but the votes shall be taken by ballot on motion to this effect being duly carried, or when the rules provide for such method of voting.

(f) The Chairperson shall be entitled to vote with the other Fellows, and when the votes are equal he/she shall have a second and casting vote.

(g) The voting on any question except when it be one of adjournment, shall, on the demand of any Fellow present, be postponed to the next ensuing meeting provided it has the concurrence of the majority of the Council present.

(h) Minutes of the proceedings of every meeting of Council shall be taken during their progress by Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs) or any other Vice-President present whom the Chair-person shall appoint for the occasion. The Minutes shall afterwards be circulated to the members for the purpose of ascertaining their correctness, and then be entered in a Minute-Book and presented at the next Meeting of the Council and signed by the Chairperson.

32.(a) The Committees appointed by the Council will meet at such time and place as may be decided by the Chairperson/Convener of the Committee.

(b) The Committees will follow the Regulations and Guidelines as may be given to them by the Council.

(c) The minutes of the proceedings of Meetings of such Committees shall be recorded and reported to the Council, if called for.

Powers and Duties of the President – Rule 33

The powers and duties of the President shall be as follows:

(a) To preside at all Meetings of the Academy and of the Council, and to regulate the proceedings at such Meetings.

(b) To ensure the implementation of the Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines framed by the Council under Rule 30, Clause (a).

(c) To be ex-officio Member of all the Committees appointed by the Council.

(d) In case of doubt in the interpretation of any Rule, to decide on the interpretation. In such case, the President’s interpretation shall hold until the next Meeting of the Council, when the interpretation of the Rule under consideration will be finally determined.

Powers and Duties of the Vice-Presidents – Rule 34

The powers and duties of the Vice-Presidents shall be as follows:

(a) To preside at Meetings (including the Council Meetings) and to regulate the proceedings in such meetings, in the absence of the President.

(b) To be ex-officio member of Committees appointed by the Council from time to time except the Sectional Committees and other Committees as appointed under rule 30 (g).

(c) To take responsibility of the activity of the Academy as specified.

Powers and Duties of the Vice-President (Resource Management) – Rule 35

In addition to powers and duties common to Vice-Presidents under Rule 34(a), (b) & (c), the Vice-President (Resource Management) shall be responsible for the following:

(a) To receive and hold for the use of Academy, subject to Rule 36, all the money paid to the Academy. He/She shall disburse the sum due from the Academy and shall supervise in keeping exact accounts of all such receipts and payments.

(b) He/She will be responsible for the Property and the Infrastructural facilities of the Academy

(c) To exercise general supervision over the employees and affairs of the Academy, to prepare Guidelines for smooth functioning of the Academy, and to assist in carrying out the Rules, Regulations and Orders made by the Council under Rule 30.

Funds and Accounts – Rule 36-39


(a) The accounts and vouchers of the receipt and expenditure of the Academy shall be subject to examination by the Resource Management Committee which shall include two representatives of the Government of India, at such intervals as the Council may prescribe, and shall be subject to the annual audit. Separate Accounts shall be kept of all funds administered by the Academy on behalf of the Government. The annual statement of Accounts shall, after professional audit, be printed in the Annual Report of the Academy.

(b) All financial matters of the Academy including matters affecting the quantum of the Government grant and those dealing with the conditions of service, recruitment and promotion, of the staff of the Academy, shall be considered by the Resource Management Committee before they are placed in the Council for discussion. No such matter shall be considered by the Council until it has been considered by the Resource Management Committee.

All the sums received from the Fellows as admission fee and Fellowship subscription shall be regularly invested as per Regulations by the Vice-President (Resource Management) as soon as possible after the receipt thereof and only the interest accruing therefrom shall be considered available for the general expenditure of the Academy.

All the securities and money of the Academy shall be lodged for safe custody as per Regulations.

The Council shall be competent to decide the Regulations to be followed for maintaining the financial control of the funds of the Academy.

Powers and Duties of the Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs) – Rule 40


In addition to powers and duties common to Vice-Presidents under Rule 34 (a), (b) & (c), and subject to such delegation of duties as may be made in accordance with Rule 45, the Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs) shall be responsible for the following:

(a) To conduct the correspondence of the Academy and of the Council, except where alternative provisions have been made in the Rules.

(b) To attend the meetings of the Academy and of the Council, to record minutes of the proceedings of such meetings, to present the minutes and to report the action taken on the decisions of the previous meeting.

(c) At the General Meetings, to announce the presents made to the Academy since the last Meeting, and to read the names of nominees for Fellowship.

(d) To prepare for submission to the Annual General Meeting a list of Fellows corrected up-to-date.

(e) To enter or cause to be entered in the Minute-Book, all the proceedings of Academy and the Council before the following Meeting, and to see that all letters and papers and documents of every kind connected with the business of the Academy are properly filed and preserved.

Powers and Duties of the Vice-President (International Affairs) – Rule 41

In addition to powers and duties common to Vice-Presidents under Rule 34 (a), (b) & (c), the Vice-President (International Affairs) shall be responsible for the following:

(a) To conduct correspondence with foreign countries, relating to the business of the Academy, to convey thanks for presents from foreigners made to the Academy and to forward to persons, elected as Foreign Fellows, a diploma certifying their election to the Academy.

(b) To supervise all matters concerning International Programmes of the Academy and foreign deputations of Indian scientists using grant from the Academy.

Powers and Duties of the Vice-President (Publications/Informatics) – Rule 42

In addition to powers and duties common to Vice-Presidents under Rule 34 (a), (b) & (c), the Vice-President (Publications/Informatics) shall be responsible for the following:

(a) The management of publications of the Academy and matters related to such activities.

(b) He/She will be responsible for the Informatics including Library, Information Technology facilities and maintenance of the Archives of the Academy.

(c) To identify and suggest to the Council, the persons for appointment as Editors/Guest Editors for each of the journals /monographs / special publications of the Academy.

Powers and Duties of the Vice-President (Science Promotion) – Rule 43


In addition to powers and duties common to Vice-Presidents under Rule 34 (a), (b) & (c), the Vice-President (Science Promotion) shall be responsible for the following:

To oversee activities of the History of Science and the Basic Science Research Schemes or any research support programme of the Academy. He/She will provide advice to implement the guidelines formulated by the Council from time to time for completion of the activities related to the schemes.

Powers and Duties of the Vice-President (Science and Society) – Rule 44

In addition to powers and duties common to Vice-Presidents under Rule 34 (a), (b) & (c), the Vice-President (Science and Society) shall be responsible for the following:

To oversee the programmes related to Science and Society. He/She will provide advice to implement the guidelines formulated by the Council from time to time for completion of the activities related to this programme.

Duties of the Executive Director – Rule 45

The Executive Director shall be responsible for the general administration and for the implementation of the decisions of the Council. He shall act under the general direction of the Officers and will be governed by the Regulations and Guidelines as may be laid down by the Officers. The Executive Director shall be a full time salaried employee of the Academy.

General Meetings of the Academy – Rule 46-52

General Meetings of the Academy shall be of four kinds viz:-
           i) Ordinary
           ii) Annual
           iii) Anniversary
           iv) Extraordinary
The following Rules shall be applicable to all the General Meetings of the Academy:

(a) Ten Fellows shall constitute a quorum.

(b) The President or in his/her absence, one of the Vice-Presidents shall take the chair. In their absence one of the senior members of the Council present shall take the chair. If neither the President, nor one of the Vice-Presidents nor a member of the Council be present, on the expiration of fifteen minutes after the hour fixed for the meetings, the Fellows present shall proceed to elect a Chairperson.

(c) The business of each Meeting shall be proceeded within the order hereinafter prescribed in Rules 49, 50 and 51, provided always, that on a written notice being given to the President or one of the Vice-Presidents, not less than 48 hours prior to the Meeting, a motion for the immediate transaction of urgent business may be made, and if such motion be seconded and carried, this rule shall be suspended.

(d) With the exception mentioned in the previous clause, notice of motion on any matter of importance shall be given at the General Meeting preceding that at which the subject is to be considered or by a letter not less than one month before the General Meeting at which the subject is to be considered, in order that the Fellows interested in the question may have an opportunity of informing themselves regarding it and expressing their assent or dissent and no motion of which notice has not been given shall be carried at the Meeting at which it is proposed, if the President or Chairperson of the Meeting rules that it should be postponed.

(e) All motions and amendments except those emanating from the Council shall require to be seconded, otherwise they cannot be put. Amendments must be in writing, unless executed by the Chairperson. Not more than a single amendment to the original motion shall be laid before the Meeting at one time. When any such amendment has been negatived or has been allowed to take the place of the original motion, other amendments involving fresh points may be proposed.

(f) The method of voting shall be by show of hands provided always that the votes on any particular subject may be  taken by ballot on a motion to that effect duly carried and, in the cases specially provided for by these rules, the votes shall be so taken.

(g) The Chairman’s decision on the show of hands shall be final unless a division is called for. Any Fellow present may call for a division.

(h) The Chairperson shall not vote with the rest of the Meeting but when the votes for and against are equal he/she shall have a casting vote.

(i) Any Fellow shall have the right of recording his protest, together with the reasons for the same, against the decision  of the majority upon any question, provided that such protest be forwarded in writing to the Vice-President  (Fellowship  Affairs) within two weeks from the date of the Meeting at which the decision protested against was arrived at.

The General meeting shall be held at such time and in such places as the Council may decide, so that total number of General Meetings held during a year is not less than three. The December/January meeting shall be called the Anniversary General Meeting. One of the Meetings held during the year be termed the Annual General Meeting and others, the Ordinary General Meeting.
Normally the order of business at Meetings shall be as follows:

(a) The Minutes of the last Meetings shall be read and confirmed after correction, if necessary and signed by the Chairperson.

(b) To announce INSA awards and distinctions conferred on eminent scientists.

(c) Such business as is necessary in connection with the election of Fellows according to the regulations framed by the Council, shall be transacted.

(d) Notice of the intended motions shall be given.

(e) Motions of which notice was given at the preceding meeting or by post in accordance with Rule 47 clause (d), shall be disposed of, save as provided in clause (f) of this Rule and in clauses (c) and (d) of Rule 47.

(f) Matters of current business and routine shall be disposed of. If any question arises as to whether any particular question is one of current business and routine, it shall be decided by the Chairperson.

(g) Reports and communications from the Council shall be submitted for consideration.

(h) Papers and communications received by the Academy shall be read in the order prescribed by the Council under Rule 30(b).

(i) The Chairperson shall announce the names of the new Fellows and Foreign Fellows if any, and invite such persons to complete formalities of Rule 11. Fellows present who have not signed the obligation book shall do so and shall in addition be presented to the Chairperson in accordance with the provision of Rule 11.

(j) The Chairperson shall have the power, when he/she considers that Meeting has been unduly prolonged, to order any uncompleted business, except that provided for in (i), to be postponed to the next Meeting.
The Annual General Meeting of the Academy shall be held under the following Rules and for the transaction of the following business:

(a) The Meeting shall be held on such date and at such place as the Council may prescribe. If a quorum be not present, the Meeting shall stand adjourned until a date to be decided by the Chairperson not more than two weeks later.

(b) Notice of the Meeting, of the hour and date at which it is to be held, and the place of Meeting, and of the business to be transacted thereat, shall be given to Fellows not less than two weeks before the date of Meeting.

(c) The business to be transacted at the Meeting shall be:

To hear the Annual Report prepared by the Council in accordance with the provision of Rule 30 (f).

To hear Presidential remarks reviewing the work of the Academy.

To transact other business of which notice has been given as provided for in clause (b).

To announce the Board of Officers and other Member of the Council for the ensuing year as provided in Rule 25.

To announce names of the Fellows elected unless the Council decides that this can be more conveniently done at a Meeting of the Council or at an Ordinary General Meeting.
The Anniversary General Meeting of the Academy shall be held under the following rules and for the transaction of the following business:

(a) The Meeting shall ordinarily be held in December/January every year preferably at the city selected for the Meeting of the Indian Science Congress Association. If a quorum be not present, the Meeting shall stand adjourned until a date to be decided by the Chairperson not more than a week later.

(b) Notice of the Meeting, of the hour and the date on which it is to be held, and the place of Meeting and of the business to be transacted thereat, shall be given to Fellows not less than two weeks before the date of the Meeting.

(c) The business to be transacted at the Meeting shall be:

   (i) to hear the Presidential Address.
   (ii) to transact other business of which notice has been given as provided in clause (b).

The following Rules shall be applicable to Extraordinary General Meetings:

(a) Such Meeting may be convened by a majority of the Council and shall be convened by the President, when called on to do so by a requisition signed by not less than forty Fellows and stating the special business for which it is desirable that an Extraordinary General Meeting should be convened.

(b) Notice of the day and hour of the Meeting, and of the special business to be transacted thereat, shall be given to the Fellows within one month of receiving the request for the Extraordinary Meeting, and before one month of the date of the Meeting, provided that, if the business be very urgent, it should be competent to the Council to substitute any earlier notice than that of one month but no business of the nature specified in Rule 53 (c) shall be deemed urgent within the meaning of this clause.

(c) No other business than that included in the notice shall be transacted at such meeting, nor shall any stranger be permitted to be present thereat.

Votes of Fellows – Rule 53-55


The votes of Fellows shall be taken by ballot papers (transmitted to them by the Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs)) in any of the following cases:-

(a) When the Council at their discretion consider it in the interest of the Academy that an appeal should be made from the decision of a General Meeting to all Fellows of the Academy.

(b) When ten or more Fellows sign a requisition, calling upon the President to make such an appeal.

(c) Proposals requiring major changes in respect of Finances, Organization, Alteration of Rules and Objectives of the Academy or any other major item which in the opinion of the Council requires reference to all the Fellows of the Academy.

Before circulating any question coming under Rule 53 for the votes of all the Fellows of the Academy, the Council shall cause to be sent to every Fellow at least two weeks before the General Meeting at which such question is to be proposed, a printed circular in which shall be set forth the nature of the proposal and the reason for it, in order that it may be duly discussed at such General Meeting. A statement of any objection that may be raised at the Meeting against the proposal shall be circulated with the ballot papers.

Any question referred to the votes of  all  the Fellows of the Academy shall be brought before the General Meeting after a period of thirty days from the issue of the e-ballot for the return of votes. The Chairperson shall proceed to get the votes examined and counted and report the result.

Miscellaneous – Rule 56-60 

No person appointed as a salaried employee in the INSA Secretariat shall have the privilege of voting. If any Fellow be appointed to any such office, he/she shall not be entitled to vote at the meeting of the Academy as long as he/she continues to hold it but shall not be deprived of his/her other privileges of Fellowship.

The Executive Director shall keep a record of the proceedings of the Academy, of its General Meetings and of the Meetings of the Council, as shall be, from time to time, prescribed by the Council. All Fellows shall be entitled to inspect record of General Meetings.

All letters, notices, minutes of meetings, and other documents connected with the business of the Academy shall be filed in the order of their dates, and shall be preserved.

When the introduction of any new, or the alteration or repeal of any existing Rule, is recommended by the Council, or proposed by ten or more Fellows, the Council shall cause to be sent to every Fellow of the Academy entitled to vote, a statement of the proposed changes and the reasons for them, with a view to the votes of the General Body of Fellows being taken as directed in Rule 55. Provided always that no change in the Rule shall be valid unless a majority of the two-thirds of the Fellows who have voted shall be in favour of the proposed changes.

These Rules took effect from the date of conclusion of Anniversary General Meeting held in December, 1999. All previous Rules are hereby rescinded as from that date. The old rules will, however, be available in the archives of the Academy for reference.


1. Invitation for NominationA circular letter drawing attention of the Fellows of the Academy, to the last date on which nominations for Fellowship should reach the Office of the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, shall be issued in June every year.
2. Certification of Nominations: Every nominee shall be proposed and recommended by a certificate in writing signed by two Fellows. Of these, at least one shall certify from personal knowledge of the scientific attainments of the candidates. Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs), on receiving a written request from a Fellow not residing in India but competent to certify recommendation for a particular discipline, shall have the power to sign a certificate on behalf of the Fellow.
The nominating paper shall specify the name, date of birth, field of specialization, designation, address (both official and residential), academic and professional attainments of the nominee in a form prescribed by the Academy and shall include a brief statement as well as a detailed critical analysis highlighting the most important research contributions of the nominee. The proposer must also send a separate list of up to ten most important publications of the nominee, and pdf of up to five best papers, a 50 word citation highlighting the work of the scientist which justifies the claim to the Fellowship, a list of experts and a complete list of publications along with the Nomination Form. Nominations not complete in all respects and not accompanied by the above two lists of publications, shall not be valid for consideration.
The proposer should ensure that the critical information required in the form is complete. The nominee should not send any information directly to the Academy.
The proposer shall send the nomination paper to such other Fellow for his support who, in his opinion, will second the nominee. The nomination paper should be transmitted by one Fellow to another directly. After both the Fellows have affixed their signatures and also given their own remarks on the nominee’s suitability, the nomination paper shall be forwarded to the Executive Director so as to reach not later than July 15. In case July 15 happens to be a Sunday, or a holiday the next working day will be the last valid date for receipt of nominations in the Academy. The particulars of  the nomination paper shall be recorded with the date of receipt in a book to be kept for the purpose which will be read at the next meeting of the Council.
3. Communication of Nominations: All communications in respect of the nomination shall be carried on with the proposer or the seconder. However for the purpose of updating information regarding the scientific achievements and publications, the Academy may correspond with nominee directly.
4. List of Nominees: At the meeting of the Council at the time of the Anniversary General Meeting, a list of all persons whose nomination papers are valid in accordance with the provision of Regulation 6, shall be prepared according to the disciplines of the Sectional Committees without any reference to the dates of their nomination. The Council shall consider and send the list of eligible nominees to the concerned Sectional Committees for expression of opinion on the list of nominees referred to them. However, the nomination papers of any person for election on the basis of his work in any discipline not coming within the purview of any of existing Sectional Committees shall be considered by the Council at the time of selecting the persons for Fellowship without necessarily being referred to any Sectional Committee for its recommendations.
5. Book of Nominations: Not later than January 31, a list of nominees arranged in alphabetical order, together with brief statements of their most significant research achievements along with a list of ten best papers, names of Fellows who have proposed and seconded them and the year in which the nominations were considered for the first time and the year of the birth of each nominee shall be uploaded on the web and the fellowship be informed accordingly.
Fellows may make such observations/comments as they may wish to, on the suitability or otherwise of the candidates included in the Book of Nominations and communicate to the Convener of the concerned Sectional Committee. The Conveners shall write by January 31 to all Fellows whose specializations belong to their Committee requesting them to send in additional information about the scientific attainments of the candidates under consideration for election to Fellowship. The observations/comments received from the Fellows shall be placed before the Sectional Committee.
6. Validity of Nomination: A nomination shall remain valid for a period of five years unless the proposer or seconder of  the nomination withdraws it before July 15 immediately preceding an election.
7. Selection by Sectional Committees: The Executive Director shall circulate by January 31 to the members of the Sectional Committees the list of the persons proposed for election from the respective Sections, with a statement showing the research work (as given in the nomination papers) of the individual nominee and shall request the members to send their recommendations along with reasons for the same to the Conveners of the respective Sectional Committees at least a fortnight before the meeting of the Sectional Committees.
Guidelines for Sectional Committees:
I. The primary criterian for election to the Fellowship will be scientific and technological achievements of the nominee (e.g. contributions to new knowledge, new discoveries, development of new technologies, substantial improvement in existing technologies etc.) as evidenced by publications, patents, authenticated scientific reports which could not be published and the economic impact of his/her work.
II. The work done in India should be given primary importance. Sectional Committees should not consider the nomination of those scientists who are abroad on a long term basis. They should be considered only when they are back in India and have made notable contributions to science in India.
III. The election should be recommended for the work done in the entire career of the scientist. Work done well before the nomination is proposed should also be given due consideration.
IV. The Conveners of the Sectional Committees should make all efforts to obtain reports from Fellowship/ experts of the Academy.
V. The Sectional Committee is charged with the responsibility of studying the work of the nominees by consulting fellows/experts in the area of specialization of the nominee, where necessary. The use of bibliometric data in the selection process should be discouraged.
VI. All the new nominations received in an year will be considered by the Committee of Conveners. If the Conveners change the assignment of a Sectional Committee for a nominee, that has not been suggested as an alternate committee in the nomination form, the consent of the proposer should be taken. The change in committee should be effected only after the consent from the proposer is received. Besides, first year, the nomination may be shifted to another Sectional Committee just once in the remaining four years provided such a shift is proposed by the Sectional Committee/s or his/her Proposer.
The Executive Director shall call two meetings of the Sectional Committees, in February/March and in April/May, on the dates as may be decided by the Council in the calendar of meetings, to consider these recommendations.
Two meetings of the Sectional Committees
a) There will be two meetings of the Sectional Committees each year; the first one will be held in February/March and the second meeting will be in the month of April/May prior to the Council meets.
b) The conveners will look into the composition of their respective Sectional Committee and go through the nominations, if there is requirement to co-opt any additional member in the sectional committee for one year, conveners will write to President INSA for co-opting the additional member/s among the Indian fellows (including those residing abroad).
c) At the first meeting, the Sectional Committees will shortlist the nominations to a maximum of ten. The Conveners will make all efforts to procure the opinion of the fellowship about the nominees. The opinions received by the Conveners should be thoroughly discussed at the meeting.
d) At the first meeting, the Sectional Committees may identify a minimum of five and maximum of ten experts for each of the above shortlisted ten names who may be contacted for obtaining specific information about the nominee. Out of these few may be international experts. The national experts, may be restricted to INSA Fellows only. These short-listed names are to be informed to the members of the Council also.
e)   Letters to reviewers may be sent out by an SC member and/or convener. All letters to and from reviewers should also be copied to the convener. These reports will be forwarded to VP (Fellowship Affairs) and President in a reviewer name blinded format.
f)   One member of the Council will attend the second meeting of the sectional committees of his/her subject as an observer. The observer will not take part in any discussions and decision thereafter. He/She will give his/her views to the Council in case if it is so required.
(g)  At the second meeting of the Sectional Committees, the opinion of experts (on each nominee) will be placed on the table and will be critically discussed. The Committee will then make a final list of up to seven names, in alphabetical order, for the consideration of the Council. The Committee shall also bring out clearly for each recommended nominee the reason for its recommendation, by highlighting the importance of the scientific contributions of the concerned nominee.
The reports of the Sectional Committees will be forwarded to the Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs) by the Conveners.
Election of Fellows in New Category
The nominations for the election of Fellows in the following three disciplines, not covered under the regular subject areas of present sectional committees, will be considered by a search committee duly constituted for this purpose by the Council:
i) Scientists working in Technology Missions of National importance (such as Space)
ii) Scholars in History and Philosophy of Science
iii) Social Sciences – Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Political Sciences etc.
8. Selection by the Council: At the meeting of the Council to be held normally after the second meeting of the Sectional Committees the Council will consider recommendations made by each Sectional Committee and search committee (for the election of Fellows in the new category not covered under the regular subject areas of present sectional committees) and shall then select a number not exceeding fifty (including scientists in new categories) to be recommended to the Fellows of the Academy for election.
The opinion of experts and any other material placed on the table in the second meeting will be made available to the Council at its Meeting.
9.Selection from Sections: It shall not be obligatory for the Council to recommend a certain fixed number of persons for elections to Fellowship from each of the 10 Sections. The Council shall be free to recommend a larger number for any Section if there are more deserving persons in that Section and also not to recommend for any Section if, in the opinion of the Council, none is fit for election.
10.Communication of  the Selected Names to Fellows: Soon after selection by the Council, an electronic circular-letter shall be sent to every Fellow as an e-voting paper enclosing a list of the selected persons.
11.Date of  Election: The election of  Fellows not included in the class referred to in Regulation 7 shall take place at the Statutory Meeting of the Council prior to the Annual General Meeting.
12.Election Procedure: Each Fellow then may tick for the names of those (s)he wishes to be elected.
13. Appointment of Scrutineers: Two scrutineers shall be nominated by the President for counting the votes.
14. Declaration of Election Results: The scrutineers, after examining the voting papers, shall report to the President the number of votes received by each candidate. The President shall at the meeting of the Council to be held prior to the Annual General Meeting, duly declare the names of the candidates who have been elected. The result of election shall be notified on the web. This election, however, shall be effective from January 1 of the following year.
15. Re-nomination: On the expiry of the validity of the nomination, a re-nomination can be made afresh only after a gap of two years. The fresh nomination shall be submitted as prescribed in Regulation 2.
16. Nomination for Special Election: In accordance with Rule 6 (e), the Council may recommend names for election as Fellow/s otherwise than that provided under paras 1 to 15 of these Regulations. The persons so recommended shall be selected by the Council by ballot provided always that no person shall be so recommended unless he obtains two-thirds of the votes of the Members of the Council present and that the total number of votes registered in his favour are not less than seven.
17. Special Election: At the Ordinary General Meeting of the Academy, immediately following the Meeting of the Council at which the selection of persons to be elected under Regulation 16 is made, the person(s) nominated shall be proposed for election by means of a certificate prepared by the Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs). This certificate shall explicitly specify the basis of nomination for special election. Such certificate shall remain with the Academy until the day on which a ballot is taken on it. The name of the person so proposed shall be sent in the form of e-ballot to each fellow for voting by a date given on the e-ballot. The result of the ballot shall be ascertained at the next meeting of the Council after the close of the ballot, following the procedure of Regulations 12 to 14.
18. Subscription: An admission fee of Rs 500/- and one time Fellowship subscription of Rs 2000/- shall be due on election.
*19. Participation in General Body Meetings: For participation in the General Body Meetings, no international travel expenses will be covered by the Academy. This will apply to Fellows, Foreign Fellows and Pravasi Fellows.
___________*Approved in Council Meeting October 12, 2018.

Foreign Fellows


1. A letter drawing attention of the Fellows of the Academy, to the last date on which nominations for Foreign Fellowship should reach the office of the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, shall be issued by the Academy. Every nominee shall be proposed in prescribed form by a Fellow of the Academy. The nomination paper shall specify the name, date of birth, nationality, field of specialization, profession, rank and present address, and shall include a brief statement of the most significant achievements of the nominee, information regarding his/her membership of the academies in the home country and his/her interest in scientific activities in India. The Proposer shall also specify how the nominee’s election would help the Academy in the furtherance of its aims and objects.
The nomination paper, complete in all respects, shall be forwarded by a Fellow of the Academy to the Executive Director so as to reach not later than July 15. In case July 15 happens to be a Sunday, or a holiday the next working day will be the last valid date for receipt of nominations in the Academy. The particulars of the nomination paper when received along with all documents at the office of the Executive Director shall be recorded with the date of receipt in a book to be kept for the purpose, which will be read at the next meeting of  the Council. The nomination shall be valid for three years only.

2. Guidelines for Selection
(a)  The nominee should be a foreign citizen.
(b)  The nominee should be an internationally recognized leader in his own field.
(c)  He or she should be a Fellow/Member of the National Academy of own country. Alternatively he or she should be a Foreign Fellow / Associate of a foreign academy. Further, Council would consider those nominees who are awardees of Noble Prize, Fields Medal or any other International award of equally eminent standing.
(d)  The nominee should have close connection with Indian scientists and should be aware of the progress of Indian science, its accomplishments and aspirations. The past, present and future advantages and gains to the Academy and to the scientists of India by the election of a Foreign Fellow may also be kept in view.
(e)  Academy will constitute a Selection Committee consisting of the following:
1)      President, INSA
2&3) Two Past-Presidents
4&5) Two Fellows and
6)      Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs)
7)      Vice-President (International Affairs) who will act as the Member-Secretary of this Committee.
All efforts should be made by the Selection Committee to increase the number of Foreign Fellows of the Academy elected each year without compromising / diluting the principles underlying the present selection process.
(f)  The Vice-President (International Affairs) and Member-Secretary of the Selection Committee will write a letter to all the fellows every year inviting nominations from them. He will also contact the members of the Sectional Committees for suitable nominations. It will be helpful for the Vice-President to be in touch with the Conveners of the Sectional Committees so that they act in good time and in the manner envisaged.
(g)  The meeting of the Selection Committee will be held sometime during April/May to select suitable names among the nominations so received. The names selected for Foreign Fellowship by the Selection Committee will be reported to the Council in the month of June/July .
3. Soon after the selection by the Council, an electronic circular letter shall be sent to every Fellow as an e-voting paper enclosing a list of the selected persons. Each Fellow then may tick the names of those s(he) wishes to be elected.
The selection of candidates to be so nominated for Fellowship up to the permissible number under Rule 13(a) shall be recommended to the Fellows of the Academy for election.
It shall be the aim of the Council to see that the recommendations are distributed evenly, as far as possible, in different branches of Science.
4. Two scrutineers shall be appointed by the President for counting the votes. The scrutineers, after examining the voting papers, shall report to the President the number of votes received by each candidate. The President shall then at the meeting of the Council prior to the Annual General Meeting, announce the names of candidates who have secured the votes of two-thirds of the Fellows voting and shall declare them as duly elected.The result of election shall be notified to all the Fellows. This election, however, shall be effective from January 1 of the following year.

Sectional Committes


1. The Council shall appoint, from among the Fellows of the Academy, Committees representing the various branches of Natural Knowledge, called ‘Sectional Committees’.
The members of each Committee shall be chosen with a view to secure, as far as possible, a representation of the several sub-divisions of each branch of Natural Knowledge, and to obtain the assistance of Fellows who are specially qualified to advise the Council regarding particular parts of Natural Knowledge.
2. Each Sectional Committee shall advise the Council or any of the Officers on the matters referred to it by the Council or by any of the Officers, and also shall make to the Council suggestions pertaining to the branch or branches of knowledge which it represents. It shall, inter-alia, (a) recommend in alphabetical order, the names of the nominees who in the opinion of the Sectional Committee, are worthy of election to the Fellowship, (b) recommend in order of priority, the names of those who in the opinion of the Sectional Committee, are worthy for the Young Scientist Award of the Academy, (c) advise in connection with communications received from Government on scientific matters of high policy, (d) advise on subjects to be discussed at the Annual General Meeting so that the Academy can play its part in national development and planning, (e) draw up lists of persons suitable for scrutinizing papers submitted for publication indicating the branches which they are competent to deal with, (f) recommend books and journals which should be added to the Academy’s library, (g) suggest original research problems of both fundamental and applied nature, on which work should be initiated in the national interest.
3. The Council shall each year appoint a Member of each Committee to serve as Secretary and Convener of the Committee and to be the channel of communication between the Committee and the Council or the Officers.
4. Sectional Committees: The Sectional Committees shall be ten in number and referred to by their number and not by name. The allocations of subjects to each Committee, which are only indicative but not exhaustive, shall be as follows:
Mathematical Sciences: Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science, Statistics and Operations Research.
Physics: Astronomy, Astrophysics, Nuclear and High Energy Physics, Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Statistical Physics, Theoretical Physics, Mathematical and Computational Physics, Condensed Matter including Soft, Liquids and Nano Materials, Cosmic Radiation, Cosmology, Space Physics, Basic Planetary Sciences, Lasers and Optoelectronics, Plasma Physics, Solar Physics, Atmospheric Physics.
Chemistry: Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Structural Chemistry, Chemistry of Materials, Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Bio-organic, Bio-inorganic and Bio-physical Chemistry.
Earth & Environmental Sciences: Surface and Solid Earth Science, Applied Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Climate Sciences, Meteorology, Geo Engineering, Ocean Sciences, Geo Sciences and Applied Planetary Sciences.
Engineering & Technology: Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Electronics and Optoelectronics, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering including Software and Data science, Information Science and Technology, Advanced Materials (such as Bio-materials, Hybrid Materials and Nano Materials), Polymer Science & Engineering.
General Biology: Taxonomy, Structure, Ecology, Environmental Biology, Evolution and Behaviour of Plants, Animals and Microbes including Unicellular Eukaryotes.
Molecular and Cellular Biology: Cell Biology, Physiology, Development, Genetics, Genomics and other Omics of Plants, Animals and Microbes including Unicellular Eukaryotes.
Biomolecular, Structural Biology and Drug Discovery: Biochemistry, Biophysics, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, Structural Biology, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, System Biology.
Health Sciences: Basic and Clinical Medical Sciences- Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases, Epidemiology, Anthropology, Psychology, Cognitive and Neurosciences, Medical Genetics and Genomics, Public Health, Nutrition, Immunology.
SECTIONAL COMMITTEE XAgricultural Sciences: Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Fisheries, Food Science, Veterinary Science, Pathogen Biology and Host Pathogen Interaction Both Plant and Veterinary Importance.
5. Each Sectional Committee shall comprise nine Members; five Members shall constitute a quorum.
6. Members shall be retired by seniority, at the rate of one-third every year. Where necessary, retirement shall be determined by ballot. If a Sectional Committee Member is not able to attend the meetings of Sectional Committee in a particular year, the President is authorized to appoint a suitable substitute in his/her place for that year. If any Sectional Committee Member does not attend two consecutive meetings without valid reasons, the Council may appoint a new member in his/her place for the remaining period.
7. The retiring Members of Committee shall each year vacate office on December 31, and shall not be eligible for selection as a Member in the ensuing year. However, this restriction will not be applicable to Fellow(s) appointed by the Council in an interim vacancy.
8. Should an interim vacancy occur at any time, the council shall appoint a Fellow to fill the vacancy, and the retirement of the Fellow so nominated, shall be according to the rules that would have applied to the member whose place he fills provided that, if on the date of retirement the said Fellow has not served more than one year, he shall be eligible for immediate reappointment.
9. The appointment of the Fellows to serve as new Members of the Committee shall be made by the Council in August and the Member, so appointed, shall enter the office on forthcoming January 1.

Local Chapters


1. Local Chapters are established for regions at places where five or more Fellows of the Academy reside. In exceptional cases, if the number is less but the Local Fellows desire a Local Chapter, their request may be examined by the President, for decision.
2. All Fellows of the Academy shall be affiliated to one of the Local Chapters.
3. The Local Chapters should give their views on various matters affecting the scientific policy in the country. These should include suggestions like social impact of science, planning in science and technology and liaison with Local Academies and learned bodies to bring fruitful participation between these bodies and the Indian National Science Academy. The Chapters should comment on special problem of local interest which could be analysed scientifically. For this purpose, special committees with appropriate experts be formed within the Chapter. Some Fellows, particularly those with many years of experience in science management, can be requested to make themselves responsible for compiling reports on such issues. The reports should be sent to the Academy so that the Academy may prepare a consolidated version of the various reports for consideration by the Council. The Council should then publicise its views and thereby make itself felt as an important organ of the society.
4. Local Chapters should encourage young scientists to participate in scientific activities.
5. All Local Chapters should make efforts to strengthen scientific activities. They should organize at least two scientific programmes in a year dealing mainly with the advancement of science and the popularization of  science. All Fellows attached to a Local Chapter should make efforts to attend meetings of the Chapter which may be held at the Headquarters or elsewhere at which among other things, nominations could also be made for the various endowment lectures of the Academy.
6. (a) Return I Class/II AC rail fare will be admissible to all outstation Fellows attending the meetings of Local Chapters.
(b) For local Fellows the expenditure incurred on transportation, including taxi fare, will be reimbursed.
7. In every meeting of the Local Chapter, a Chairman should be elected.
8. Every Local Chapter should suggest the name of a Fellow for appointment as Convener of that Local Chapter by the Council. The term of the Convener will be three years.
The Conveners of Local Chapters should be requested to call their first meeting in April to draw as detailed a programmer as possible giving the dates of various activities proposed which could be circulated to the Fellowship and also published in the INSA News.

Recipients of Medals/Lectures Awards

Recipients of Medals/Lectures Awards
International Awards
INSA-Vainu Bappu Memorial Award
1985 S Chandrasekhar
1986 M John Rees
1987 G Swarup
1988 JV Narlikar
1989 G Burbidge
1990 AA Penzias
1990 RW Wilson
1991 AK Raychaudhuri
1992 RR Daniel
1993 JP Ostriker
1994 B Buti
1995 SM Chitre
1996 A Hewish
1997 R Cowsik
1998 KD Abhyankar
2001 No Award
2004 No Award
2007 T Padmanabhan
2010 S Ananthakrishnan
2013 Arnold Wolfendale
2016 Anil Bhardwaj
2019 PS Joshi

Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary Medal
1990 Karl Sune Bergstrom
1993 Sir Michael Atiyah
1996 S Nagakura
1999 F Gros
2000 Bruce Alberts
2001 Hubert Markyl
2002 No Award
2003 Hubert Curien
2004 Yuan T Lee
2005 Vladimir G Kadyshevsky
2006 Paul J Crutzen
2007 David King
2010 Lu Yongxiang
2013 Alain Carpentiar
2016 Venky Ramakrishnan
2019 PM Ajayan
2022 Marcia McNutt

General Medals & Lecture Awards Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman Medal
1979 Salim Ali
1982 GN Ramachandran
1985 MGK Menon
1988 C Gopalan
1991 AP Mitra
1993 G Swarup
1995 AS Paintal
1997 PN Tandon
1999 SK Joshi
2001 S Varadarajan
2003 G Mehta
2005 MS Bamji
2007 GS Khush
2010 S Dattagupta
2013 R Chidambaram
2016 N Sathyamurthy
2019 K VijayRaghavan
2022 Archana Bhattacharyya

Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Medal
1959 Atma Ram
1962 No Award
1964 TR Seshadri
1966 DS Kothari
1968 P Ray
1970 S Bhagavantam
1972 No Award
1974 AN Khosla
1976 No Award
1979 Braham Prakash
1982 TR Anantharaman
1985 R Narasimha
1988 Dinesh Mohan
1991 BK Bachhawat
1993 MA Viswamitra
1995 CS Seshadri
1997 R Kumar
1999 G Padmanaban
2001 RA Mashelkar
2003 NH Wadia
2005 P Ramachandra Rao
2007 NK Ganguly
2010 Anupam Varma
2013 Indira Nath
2016 V Ravindranath
2019 Chandrima Shaha
2022 T Ramamurthy

Meghnad Saha Medal
1958 SN Bose
1961 HN Bhabha
1963 DN Wadia
1965 DM Bose
1967 No Award
1969 CR Rao
1971 TR Seshadri
1973 No Award
1975 TR Govindachari
1978 DS Kothari
1981 MS Swaminathan
1984 R Ramanna
1987 Sukh Dev
1990 CNR Rao
1992 S Chandrasekhar
1994 MM Sharma
1996 SV Kessar
1998 AK Sharma
2000 N Kumar
2002 R Chidambaram
2004 P Rama Rao
2006 Yash Pal
2009 VS Ramamurthy
2012 T Ramasami
2015 Bikash C Sinha
2018 Ashutosh Sharma
2021 Gagandeep Kang

Aryabhata Medal
1977 KR Ramanathan
1980 BP Pal
1983 S Dhawan
1986 S Ramaseshan
1989 PN Srivastava
1992 Obaid Siddiqi
1994 V Ramalingaswami
1996 MVS Valiathan
1998 RP Bambah
2000 K Kasturirangan
2002 VL Chopra
2004 KL Chopra
2006 MS Raghunathan
2009 HY Mohanram
2012 KK Talwar
2015 Alok Bhattacharya
2018 SC Lakhotia
2021 Shekhar C Mande

Indira Gandhi Prize for Popularization of Science
1986 Surendra Jha
1986 M Nalini Mohan Rao
1988 Saroj Ghose
1990 JV Narlikar
1992 GP Phondke
1994 G Venkataraman
Arup Rattan Bhattacharya
1996 VS Venkatavardhan
1998 Santimay Chatterjee
2000 Yash Pal
Partha (Sarathy) Ghose
2002 VG Bhide
D Balasubramanian
2004 No Award
2006 RD Sharma
2008 Arvind Gupta
2011 BN Dwivedi
         Biman Nath
2014 Rajesh Kochhar
         Hari Om Vats
2017 Arnab Bhattacharya (Career Scientist)
         Narottam Sahoo (Career Scientist)
         Pallava Bagla (Media Personnel)
2020 Manoj Patairiya (English-Media Personnel)
         Hari Pulakkat (English-Media Personnel)
         Vinay Baburao Kamble (English-Career Scientist)
         Anant Pandurang Deshpande
        (Other than English-Media Personnel)
         R Ramanujam (Other than English-Career Scientist)

INSA Medal for Promotion & Service to Science
2002 MGK Menon
2004 S Varadarajan
2006 CNR Rao
2008 M M Sharma
2011 PN Tandon
2014 MVS Valiathan
2017 Goverdhan Mehta
2020 RA Mashelkar

Sisir Kumar Mitra Memorial

1966 KR Ramanathan
1972 RN Chakravarti
1978 T Ramachandra Rao
1984 Asima Chatterjee
1990 MK Das Gupta
1992 KS Valdiya
1995 CR Bhatia
1998 S Sriramachari
2001 P Rama Rao
2004 MK Bhan
2009 PL Sachdev
2012 SK Sopory
2015 SWA Naqvi
2018 Indira Nath
2021 AK Singhvi

Kariamanikkam Srinivasa Krishnan Memorial Lecture
1969 RK Asundi
1975 AP Mitra
1981 Devendra Lal
1987 SK Joshi
1992 KL Chopra
1995 TV Ramakrishnan
1998 AR Verma
2001 M Vijayan
2004 R Nityananda
2010 Surendra Prasad
2013 NK Gupta
2016 Sudha Bhattacharya
2019 Rohini M Godbole
2022 HK Majumder

Daulat Singh Kothari Memorial Lecture
1996 K Lal
1999 VG Bhide
2002 CNR Rao
2005 SP Sukhatme
2008 Yash Pal
2011 SK Joshi
2014 HK Gupta
2017 D Balasubramanian
2020 Madhu Dikshit

Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary

1990 G Mehta, HG Sharat Chandra
1991 SS Jha, MK Chandrashekaran
1992 N Mukunda, KK Kannan
1993 B Buti, SK Sinha
1994 DK Dutta Majumdar, PS Ramakrishnan
1995 RA Mashelkar, P Balaram
1996 N Kumar, HK Jain
1997 AN Bhaduri ,BLK Somayajulu
1998 P Natarajan, MS Bamji
1999 Asis Datta, DVS Jain
2000 GS Agarwal, MRS Rao
2001 N Appaji Rao,S Chandrasekaran
2002 R Cowsik, N Balakrishnan
2003 SS Agarwal, KS Valdiya
2004 R Parimala, Ashima Anand
2005 J Gowrishankar,M Vidyasagar
2006 VS Chauhan,A Jhunjhunwala
2007 Kanury Venkata Subba Rao
         K Vijayaraghvan
2008 B Bagchi,A Surolia
2011 Alok K Gupta, TP Singh
2014 Mustansir Barma, Sudhir K Sopory
2017 V Ravindranath, Sankar K Pal
2020 Professor Sriram R Ramaswamy
         Professor NR Jagannathan
Subjectwise Medals Srinivasa Ramanujan Medal
1962 S Chandrasekhar
1964 BP Pal
1966 K Chandrasekharan
1968 PC Mahalanobis
1970 No Award
1972 GN Ramachandran
1974 Harish Chandra
1976 No Award
1979 RP Bambah
1982 S Chowla
1985 CS Seshadri
1988 MS Narasimhan
1991 MS Raghunathan
1994 No Award
1997 K Ramachandra
2000 No Award
2003 CR Rao
2006 R Parimala
2010 SG Dani
2013 KR Parthasarathy
2016 TN Venkataramana
2019 KB Sinha
Satyendranath Bose Medal
1977 ECG Sudarshan
1980 CNR Rao
1983 MKV Bappu
1986 AN Mitra
1989 CK Majumdar
1992 SS Jha
1995 R Rajaraman
1998 G Rajasekaran
2001 Deepak Dhar
2004 Ashoke Sen
2007 DP Roy
2009 Rohini M Godbole
2012 SM Roy
2015 J Maharana
2018 Chandan Dasgupta
2021 Rahul Pandit
Homi Jehangir Bhabha Medal
1978 BV Sreekantan
1981 FC Auluck
1984 KG Ramanathan
1987 S Chandrasekhar
1990 PK Iyengar
1993 ES Raja Gopal
1996 AV Narlikar
1999 BA Dasannacharya
2002 AK Sood
2005 SK Sikka
2008 Arup K Raychaudhuri
2011 No Award
2014 Varun Sahni
2017 Chanda Jayant Jog
2020 HR Krishnamurthy

Jagadis Chandra Bose Medal
1977 V Ramalingaswami
1980 DP Burma
1983 V Sasisekharan
1986 MA Viswamitra
1989 N Appaji Rao
1992 PK Maitra
1995 AN Bhaduri
1998 D Balasubramanian
2001 MRS Rao
2004 P Balaram
2007 SK Brahmachari
2010 V Nagaraja
2013 PK Das
2016 P Chakrabarti
2019 K Muniyappa
Sunder Lal Hora Medal
1960 MOP Iyengar
1963 P Maheshwari
1965 BR Seshachar
1967 MJ Thirumalachar
1969 K Ramiah
1971 Salim Ali
1973 TS Sadasivan
1975 LS Ramaswami
1978 GP Talwar
1981 CR Krishna Murti
1984 PN Mehra
1987 SP Raychaudhuri
1990 CMS Dass
1993 SK Sinha
1996 BM Johri
1999 TN Ananthakrishnan
2002 SC Lakhotia
2005 Rajiva Raman
2008 Rakesh Tuli
2011 EA Siddiq
2014 BK Thelma
2017 Mewa Singh
2020 HA Ranganath

 Darashaw Nosherwanji Wadia Medal
1977 AG Jhingran
1980 JB Auden
1983 WD West
1986 CS Pichamuthu
1989 SN Sen
1992 BP Radhakrishna
1995 KS Valdiya
1998 S Roy
2001 SS Merh
2004 Ashoke Mookherjee
2007 VK Gaur
2009 Ashok Sahni
2012 SK Sen
2015 S Sengupta
2018 Somnath Dasgupta
2021 DM Banerjee
Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis Medal
1978 C Ambasankaran
1981 Y Nayudamma
1984 Govind Swarup
1987 UR Rao
1990 GS Sanyal
1993 DK Dutta Majumdar
1996 KL Chopra
1999 BN Das
2002 J Nanda
2005 A Sridharan
2008 VS Borkar
2011 IBS Passi
2014 MG Nadkarni
2017 Rajendra Bhatia
2020 Arup Bose
         Mythily Ramaswamy

Syed Husain Zaheer Medal
1980 DP Antia
1983 LK Doraiswamy
1986 CV Sundaram
1989 Rajinder Kumar
1992 SC Dutta Roy
1995 V Ramamurti
1998 V Rajaraman
2001 SK Pal
2004 J Nanda
2007 KT Jacob
2008 JB Joshi
2011 Ashutosu Sharma
2014 B Yegnanarayana
2017 GD Yadav
2020 AK Bhowmick

Silver Jubilee Commemoration Medal
1970 S Rangaswami
1973 MS Swaminathan
1976 AK Sharma
1979 MS Randhawa
1982 VS Mathur
1985 No Award
1988 SK Mukherjee
1991 VL Chopra
1994 No Award
1997 EA Siddiq
2000 RS Paroda
2003 Shyam Prakash
2006 S Nagarajan
2010 No Award
2013 RP Sharma
2016 Himanshu Pathak
2019 No Award
Golden Jubilee Commemoration Medal (Chemical Sciences)
1986 TR Govindachari
1989 G Mehta
1992 SV Kessar
1995 No Award
1998 V Krishnan
2001 JP Mittal
2004 GSR Subba Rao
2007 S Chandrasekaran
2010 Kankan Bhattacharyya
2013 V Chandrasekhar
2016 Ashwini Nangia
2019 Srivari Chandrasekhar
         ED Jemmis
Golden Jubilee Commemoration Medal (Animal Sciences)
1986 Obaid Siddiqi
1989 J Barnabas
1992 MS Kanungo
1995 No Award
1998 Jyotirmoy Das
2001 CM Gupta
2004 VF Rodrigues
2007 GP Talwar
2009 TN Ananthakrishnan
2012 No Award
2015 MD Gadgil
2018 PP Majumder
2021 R Sukumar
Kalpathi Ramakrishna Ramanathan Medal
1987 Anna Mani
1990 PR Pisharoty
1993 PK Das
1996 R Raghavarao
1999 BM Reddy
2002 RG Rastogi
2005 GS Lakhina
2008 BN Goswami
2011 K Krishnamoorthy
2014 No Award
2017 Sulochana Gadgil
2020 Shyam Lal

Endowed Medals Vishwakarma Medal
1979 Sukh Dev
1982 Nitya Anand
1985 MM Sharma
1988 RA Mashelkar
1991 AV Rama Rao
1994 P Ratnasamy
1997 No Award
2000 JB Joshi
2003 S Sivaram
2006 Purnima Jalihal
2009 E Sreedharan
2012 No Award
2015 AB Pandit
2018 AK Shukla
2021 Thalappil Pradeep
Professor Brahm Prakash Memorial Medal
1989 No Award
1992 BL Deekshatulu
1995 BN Das
1998 KT Jacob
2001 R Krishnan
2004 S Banerjee
2007 VS Arunachalam
2010 Shrikant Lele
2013 Baldev Raj
2016 No Award
2019 Tarun Kant
Professor Shyam Bahadur Saksena Memorial Award
1990 HY Mohan Ram
1993 SP Raychaudhuri
1996 SK Jain
1996 VS Rama Das
1999 JS Singh
2002 Sushil Kumar
2005 No award
2008 AN Lahiri Majumder
2011 LC Rai
Professor GN Ramachandran 60th Birthday Commemoration Medal
1991 NN Das Gupta
1994 M Vijayan
1997 R Jayaraman
2000 A Surolia
2003 MRN Murthy
2006 TP Singh
2009 DM Salunke
2012 B Bhattacharyya
2015 Amitabha Chattopadhyay
2018 DN Rao
2021 Amit P Sharma
Professor TR Seshadri 70th Birthday Commemoration Medal
1973 K Venkataraman
1976 RC Mehrotra
1979 SC Bhattacharyya
1982 Sukh Dev
1985 DK Banerjee
1988 A Chakravorty
1991 MV George
1994 JP Mittal
1997 GSR Subba Rao
2000 Harjit Singh
2003 GP Pandey
2006 SK Dogra
2009 D Basavaiah
Professor KP Bhargava Memorial Medal
1996 No Award
1999 Rita Mulherkar
1999 Madhu Dikshit
2002 Vijayalakshmi R
2005 Sudhanshu Vrati
2008 BN Dhawan
2011 KS Gopitnath
2014 KN Agarwal
2017 SK Sarin
2020 Viswanathan Mohan

Professor K Naha Memorial Medal
1998 SK Ghosh
2001 D Mukhopadhyay
2004 HK Gupta
2007 AK Singhvi
2010 K Gopalan
2013 No Award
2016 VP Dimri
2019 SS Rai
Professor Krishna Sahai Bilgrami Memorial Medal
2001 Randhir Singh
2004 S Nagarajan
2007 SK Apte
2009 Bijay Singh
2012 TK Adhya
2015 Yadvinder Singh
2018 Tilak Raj Sharma
2021 Narpinder Singh
Chandrakala Hora Memorial Medal
1950 SB Setna
1955 GKN Mitra & KH Alikunhi
1960 HL Chaudhury
1965 BS Bhimachar
1970 NK Panikkar
1975 SZ Qasim
1980 VG Jhingran
1985 No Award
1987 NBK Nair
1992 JS Datta Munshi
1997 No Award
2002 T Subramoniam
2007 Samir Bhattacharya
2010 G Marimuthu
2013 Chandrima Shaha
2016 SK Gupta
2019 Vidita Ashok Vaidya

Shree Dhanwantari Prize
1971 R Viswanathan
1976 B Mukherji
1981 NK Dutta
1986 PN Tandon
1991 MVS Valiathan
1996 S Nityanand
2001 BN Dhawan
2006 NH Wadia
2009 NP Kochupillai
Professor Bhim Shanker Trivedi Memorial Medal
2014 Chitra Mandal
2017 Kumaravel Somasundaram
2020 PK Chakrabarti
         Anuradha Dube

Professor Har Swarup Memorial Medal
2018 Usha Vijayraghavan
2021 Paramjit Khurana

Professor Subramania Ranganathan Memorial Medal
2018 VK Singh
2021 Amit Basak

Professor Mihir Chowdhury Memorial Medal
2019 V Chandrasekhar, BM Deb

Professor TV Desikachary Memorial Medal
2020 Sushil Kumar

Professor SK Joshi Memorial Medal
2021 To be decided

Professor Deepak Gaur Memorial Medal
First award will be announced in 2022

Endowment Lectures Professor Bal Dattatraya Tilak Lecture
1983 PV Sukhatme
1984 AB Joshi
1985 AKN Reddy
1986 CV Seshadri
1987 SS Kalbag
1988 PK Sethi
1989 No Award
1990 V Kurien
1991 No Award
1992 NH Antia
1993 No Award
1994 AD Karve
1995 BE Vijayam
1996 KJ Ranadive
1997 Devendra Kumar
1998 No Award
1999 DR Bapat
1999 D Chakraborti
2000 D Raghunandan
2001 No Award
2002 P Pushpangadan
2003 RK Gupta
2004 No Award
2005 Anil K Gupta
2006 Sudha Nair
2007 Anil P Joshi
2008 No Award
2011 No Award
2014 Bijay Singh
2017 Anil Kumar Tripathi
2020 No Award

Dr TS Tirumurti Memorial Lecture

1985 B Ramamurthi
1987 SC Seal
1989 No Award
1991 KP Bhargava
1993 HD Tandon
1995 A Venkoba Rao
1997 VI Mathan
1999 No Award
2001 MK Bhan
2003 T Jacob John
2005 SS Agarwal
2007 UC Chaturvedi
2010 Mahdi Hasan
Dr Nitya Anand Endowment Lecture

1987 Indira Nath
1989 CM Gupta
1991 BS Srivastava
1993 A Datta
1995 No Award
1997 R Nagaraj
1999 AK Tyagi
2001 KN Ganesh
2003 SK Gupta
2005 SE Hasnain
2007 S Bhattacharya
2009 V Nagaraja
2012 HK Majumder
2015 TK Kundu
2018 No Award
2021 Asit Kumar Chakraborti, Sandeep Verma

INSA Prize for Materials Science

1987 TR Anantharaman
1989 P Rama Rao
1991 S Ranganathan
1993 BR Nag
1995 EC Subba Rao
1997 P Ramachandra Rao
1999 KJ Rao
2001 Sri Kumar Banerjee
2003 R Nagarajan
2005 Dipankar Chakravorty
2007 G Sundararajan
2010 Baldev Raj

Professor S Swaminathan 60th Birthday Commemoration Lecture

1992 RP Rastogi
1994 UR Ghatak
1996 S Ranganathan
1998 S Mitra
2000 KK Balasubramanian
2002 JS Yadav
2004 SP Moulik
2006 SS Krishnamurthy
2010 M Periasamy
2013 GP Pandey
2016 No Award
2019 Srinivasan Natarajan

Professor Darshan Ranganathan Memorial Lecture

2003 Kasturi Datta
2005 Radha Balakrishnan
2007 Maharani Chakravorty
2010 Chandrima Shaha
2013 Madhu Dikshit
2016 M Lakshmi Kantam
2019 Gaiti Hasan

Professor MRN Prasad Memorial Lecture

1992 PR Adiga
1995 SK Basu
1998 S Bhattacharya
2001 Kasturi Datta
2004 AJ Rao
2007 SK Saidapur
2010 K Muralidhar

Bires Chandra Guha Memorial Lecture

1969 V Subrahmanyan
1972 A Sreenivasan
1975 J Ganguly
1978 MG Deo
1981 AN Radhakrishanan
1984 BK Bachhawat
1987 Mahtab S Bamji
1990 NK Notani
1993 PS Sastry
1996 IB Chatterjee
1999 K Krishnaswamy
2002 D Chatterji
2005 B Bhattacharyya
2008 Amitabha Chattopadhyay
2011 P Chakrabarti
2014 C Mohan Rao
2017 SC Mande
2020 Anand Kumar Bachhawat

Bashambar Nath Chopra Lecture

1971 PN Wahi
1974 J Venkateswarlu
1977 BK Bachhawat
1980 AG Datta
1983 S Sriramachari
1986 No Award
1989 PM Bhargava
1992 SC Sanyal
1995 MM Johri
1998 PD Dogra
2001 No Award
2004 Asis Datta
2007 Akhilesh K Tyagi
2010 JS Singh

Professor Shambu Nath De Memorial Lecture

1993 NK Ganguly
1996 SN Chatterjee
1999 No Award
2002 RC Mahajan
2005 HG Sen
2010 Dilip Mahalanabis

Professor Vishnu Vasudeva Narlikar Memorial Lecture

1994 PC Vaidya
1997 SK Malik
2000 N Rudraiah
2003 AS Gupta
2006 M Lakshmanan
2009 KB Sinha
2012 RB Bapat
2015 SK Khanduja
2018 S Thangavelu
2021 To be decided

Dr Jagdish Shankar Memorial Lecture

1994 D Mukherjee
1997 Biman Bagchi
2000 ED Jemmis
2000 SR Gadre
2003 RV Hosur
2006 DD Sarma
2006 Sourav Pal
2009 Swapan K Ghosh

Professor Vishwa Nath Memorial Lecture

1995 Lalji Singh
1998 No Award
2001 K Muniyappa
2004 No Award
2007 No Award
2009 Siddhartha Roy
2012 PK Das
2015 Subrata Sinha
2018 SK Apte
2021 To be decided

Dr Biren Roy Memorial Lecture

1995 SK Trehan
1998 M Lakshmanan
2001 Roddam Narasimha
2004 AK Ghatak
2007 V Ramamurti
2010 SN Kaul
2013 No Award
2016 Avinash Khare
2019 No Award

Professor Sadhan Basu Memorial Lecture

1996 PT Manoharan
1999 BM Deb
2002 Mihir Chowdhury
2005 Debashis Mukherjee
2008 J Gopalakrishnan
2011 Kankan Bhattacharyya
2014 Sourav Pal
2017 Anunay Samanta
2020 PK Chattaraj

Dr Yellapragada SubbaRow Memorial Lecture

1996 NR Moudgal
1999 NK Ganguly
2002 Sandip K Basu
2005 SK Sarin
2008 SE Hasnain
2011 Chitra Mandal
2014 No Award
2017 AC Banerjea
2020 Debabrata Dash

Professor K Rangadhama Rao Memorial Lecture

1979 RK Asundi
1981 K Narahari Rao
1983 NA Narasimham
1985 VG Bhide
1987 PT Manoharan
1989 M Chowdhury
1991 VB Kartha
1996 A Kumar
2000 AK Sood
2004 N Chandrakumar
2008 DD Sarma
2011 Ajit C Kunwar

Professor Rango Krishna Asundi Memorial Lecture

1984 G Herzberg
1986 PT Narasimhan
1988 G Govil
1990 CL Khetrapal
1994 Surjit Singh
1998 RV Hosur
2002 N Chandrakumar
2006 KVR Chary
2009 N Periasamy

Professor Toppur Seethapathy Sadasivan Lecture

1982 KS Thind
1984 R Mishra
1986 BM Johri
1988 CV Subramanian
1990 DD Pant
1994 KS Bilgrami
1998 A Gnanam
2002 Anupam Varma
2006 AS Raghavendra
2009 DJ Bagyaraj

Professor Panchanan Maheshwari Memorial Lecture

1987 TV Desikachary
1989 V Puri
1991 DD Awasthi
1996 PK Mohanty
2000 SK Sopory
2004 KR Shivanna
2008 JP Khurana
2011 Sunil K Mukherjee

Dr Guru Prasad Chatterjee Memorial Lecture

1981 SC Bhattacharyya
1983 BN Singh
1985 TN Khoshoo
1987 Prem Narain
1989 R Rajaraman
1991 VK Gaur
1996 DV Singh
2001 BC Nakra
2006 ML Munjal
2009 SC Dutta Roy

Professor Har Swarup Memorial Lecture

1984 ML Roonwal
1987 Sivatosh Mookerjee
1990 Ishwar Prakash
1995 CJ Dominic
2000 MS Jairajpuri
2005 MK Chandrashekaran
2008 T Subramoniam
2011 SK Saidapur
2014 PD Prasad Rao
2017 Amitabh Joshi
2020 Rakesh Kumar Mishra

Dr MR Das Memorial Lecture

2005 KP Gopinathan
2008 Shahid Jameel
2011 Saumitra Das
2014 Balaram Ghosh
2017 Rajan Sankaranarayanan
2020 Sandhya S Visweswariah

*PMS Blackett Memorial Lecture

1976 Sir Harrie Massey
1978 BV Sreekantan
1980 Sir Michael Stoker
1982 MS Swaminathan
1984 Sir Andrew Huxley
1986 MGK Menon
1988 Sir Roger Elliott
1990 CNR Rao
1992 Sir B Follett
1994 Peter Day
1996 Sir Aaron Klug
1998 Sir Harold Kroto
2001 Lord Robert McCredie
2003 Patrick Bateson
2005 Julia S Higgins
2007 Martin Rees
2009 Lorna Casselton
2013 Paul Maxime Nurse
2019 TL Blundell

*Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose Memorial Lecture

1993 AP Mitra
1995 MM Sharma
1997 C Gopalan
1999 S Chandrasekhar
2002 G Swarup
2004 K Kasturirangan
2006 Asoke Sen
2008 Narendra Kumar
2016 Kalyanmoy Deb

* Since 2013 this award is independently organized by INSA.

Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary Visiting Fellowship

1991 G Padmanaban
1999 M Vijayan
2007 R Gadagkar
1992 R Chidambaram
2000 D Ranganathan
2008 Deepak Pental
1993 MG Deo
2001 SK Malik
2009 SC Lakhotia
1994 G Govil
2002 RP Gandhi
2010 Krishan Lal
1995 R Kumar
2003 HK Gupta
2013 JP Mittal
1996 P Balaram
2004 MS Jairajpuri
2016 Rajiva Raman
1997 HY Mohan Ram
2005 R Godbole
2019 J P Khurana
1998 OP Bhutani
2006 TV Ramakrishnan
2022 To be decided

Etienne Wolff-Ramanujan Lecture

2006 Jules Hoffman
2013 MVS Valiathan
2016 No Award
2007 RA Mashelkar
2014 Nicole Le Douarin
2017 No Award
2012 Yves Brechet
2015 R Gadagkar
2018 No Award


Anandibai Joshee Oration

First oration will be announced in 2022

Kadambini Ganguly Oration

First oration will be announced in 2022

INSA Young Scientist


Asgher Mohd
Babuta Mrigya
Badrinarayanan Anjana
Banerjee Agnid
Basak Anirban
Bollinedi Haritha
Chakravarty Dhiman
Chandiran Aravind Kumar
Das Shouvik
Ganguly Debdip
Ghosh Eshan
Haque Najmul
Holla Bharath
Jaiswal Amit
Kumar Anshuman
Kumari Rajni
Kuncha Santosh Kumar
Maji Biplab
Mallajosyula Venkata Vamsee Aditya
Mishra Nitesh
Mondal Abhishake
Mondal Tridib Kumar
Nasim MD
Netrapalli Praneeth Kumar
Pingali Vamsi Pritham
Ramasubramanian Lakshmi Narayan
Ramola Kabir
Saha Chinmay
Sharma Manmohan
Singh Akanksha
Sinha Abhishek
Sinha Saloni
Tavanandi Hrishikesh A
Tiwari Ritika
Tiwari Vivek
Tung Sudipta

Agarwal Shalini
Ahmad Wareed
Ananthanarayanan Vaishnavi
Baidya Mithu
Bandopadhyay Aditya
Banerjee Antara Arupkumar
Basu Riddhipratim
Basu Sayak
Borah Debasish
Chakraborty Debojyoti
Chatterjee Gourab
Daschakraborty Snehasis
Ganesh Jaya Sreejith
Garg Vanika
Ghoshal Shyam Sundar
Girach Imran Asatar
Gupta Ritu
Hazarika Pranjit
Jamsheer K Muhammed
Jena Kautilya Kumar
Kapoor Shobana
Karve Shraddha Madhav
Khan Debjit
Kumar Roshan
Kumari Punita
Molla Kutubuddin Ali
Mukherjee Kamalika
Nagappa Lakshmeesha Kempaiah
Naraga Prabhakar
Natesan Suresh Santhi
Roy Anubhab
Roy Sutanu
Singh Nisha
Soman Suraj
Sunagar Kartik
Tiwary Chandra Sekhar
Tyagi Himanshu
V Raman Karthik
VS Hareesh
Zinna Md. Ali
INSA Young Historian of Science Award

2014 Pai, Venketeswara R
2015 Mahesh, K
2015 Sharma, Rohit
2016 Mishra, Anuj
2016 Keerthi, Naresh
2017 Yadav, Nisha
2018 Aparajith Ramnath
2019 Kolachana Aditya
2020 Goswami Barsha Ritu
2021 Viswanathan Anand
2021 Kumar S Uday

Bose Mainak
Chakraborty Anirvan
Challa Krishna Reddy
Choudhury Abhik Narayan
Deshpande Tanmay Neelesh
Ghag Siddhesh Balkrishna
Gunadayalan Gnanasekaran
Jamma Trinath
Jana Anukul
K Geetharani
Kamat Siddhesh Shashikant
Karak Bidya Binay
Khadilkar Rohan Jayant
Khanday Mudasir Ahmad
Lokesh Nikhil Kunjalli
Manna Uttam
Mishra Archita
Patra Puneet Kumar
Patwardhan Raghavendra S
Raj Rishi
Rashid Irfan
Sarkar Aritra
Sharma Namisha
Sharma Tarun Kumar
Singh Pallavi
Tiwari Anjani Kumar
U Chandni
VR Supradeepa
Yadav Sneha
Yadav Vikas
Ahmad Hafsa
Badhulika Sushmee
Bhakta Mousomi
Das Gupta Mainak
Gupta Mehak
Gupta Neha
Huilgol Dhananjay
Jana Biman
Jha Somnath
Kaur Charanpreet
Koley Ujjwal
M Muthamilarasan
Mishra Ratnesh Chandra
Mukherjee Budhaditya
Paranjape Aseem Sudhir
R Vinu
Rajawat Ketan
Routh Satya Brata
S Vijayan
Sen Santara Sumit
Sen Sakya Singha
Sharma Mahak
Sharma Prerna
Shrivastava Mayank
Singh Sanjay
Somyajit Kumar
Thakur Shallu
Tiwari Vishvanath
Volla Chandra MR
Professor LSS Kumar Memorial Award

1986 Upadhyay, RS
1987 Pande, Gopal
1988 Singh, Zora
1989 Saluja, Daman
1990 Singh, SM
1991 No Award
1992 Bhatt , JR
1993 Goyal ,Neena
1994 Mohapatra, T
1995 No Award
1996 Habib, Saman
1997 No Award
1998 Pandit, Alka
1999 Emerald, BS
2000 No Award
2001 Nagendra, Harini
2002 Roy, Sudipto
2003 Ahmad, Altaf
2004 Rudrabhatla, Parvathi
2005 Kshetrapal, Pallavi
2006 Selvin J
2007 Jain Mukesh
2008 Pal Dinesh
2009 Mohapatra JK
2010 Shukla RK
2011 Roy Amit

Agarwal Swati
Baidya Md Mahiuddin
Basu Priyoneel
Bhattacharyya Sanchari
Bist Vashist
Biswas Anup
Chakraborty Kunal
Chaudhuri Swetaprovo
Choudhury Debraj
Dar Srishti
Datta Riddhi
Dhandapani Yogeshwaran
Gayen Dipak
Holla Sahana
Jagadeesan Dinesh
Kumar Smita
Nandy Bodhisatta
Ninan Joe Philip
Pandey Ashutosh
Patil Rucha Kiran
Prasad Kartik
Pratihar Sanjay
Reddy Uday Kumar B
Rengan Aravind Kumar
Sen Arnab
Shetty Sunil
Singh Vikas Kumar
Sinha Devanjan
Thakur Jitendra
Vishal Vikram
Abbas Nazia
Ahmad Sadeem
Barpanda Prabeer
Bhalamurugan Sivaraman
Bhaskar Ashima
Biswas Kanishka
Bohra Abhishek
Ghosh Soumitra
Gorthi Sai Siva
Gupta Aditi
Hazra Rajat Subhra
Iqbal Mohd Askandar
Kapat Santanu
Kumar Praveen
Kushwaha Nirbhay Kumar
Mishra Aastha
Nakka Kiran Kumar
Pandey Anshu Rotti Swathi Srinivasamurthy
Saha Chandan
Srinivasan Srikanth
Anil Kumar Bose Memorial Award

1988 Jemmis, ED
1989 Biswas, DJ
1989 Chary, KVR
1990 Bagchi, B
1991 Sharma, Anurag
1992 Datta, Dipankar
1993 No Award
1994 Chakrabarti , SK
1995 Chakrabarti, P
1996 Mazumdar, S
1996 Guptasarma, P
1997 Amlendu, Chandra
1998 Porsezian, K
1998 Raman, B
1999 Chakravorty, Charusita
1999 Jain, SR
2000 Ghosh, HN
2001 Khan, FA
2001 Sharma, VK
2002 Mittal, Sanjay
2003 Narayan, JP
2004 Mahapatra, Sushanta
2004 Venkatesh, K.V.
2005 Vijay V Patel
2006 Raychaudhuri P
2007 Chakraborty S
2008 Anil Veena S
2009 Selvin Joseph
2010 Dr Samir Vishwanath Sawant
2010 Dr Dhevalapally B Ramachary
2011 PR Gogate
2011 Mukesh Jain

Anand B
Augustine Rehna
Bhowmick Jyotishman
Das Arup Kumar
Dhaka Rajendra Singh
Ghosh Sumit
Giri Jitender
Gupta Ashish
Gurao Nilesh Prakash
Jain Tanvi
Jain Vikas
Khan Sameena
Kudapa Hima Bindu
Mandal Biman Behari
Naganathan Athi N
Nair Rajesh V
Pal Santanu Kumar
Parkar Vivek Vijay
Pazhamalai Anbarasan
Prajapati Vijay Kumar
Ray Upasana
Saxena Nitin
Shanmugam Maheswaran
Singh Narendra Pratap
Singh Pankaj Kumar
Sridhar Hari
Tiwari Shashi Kant
Tripathy Gyana Ranjan
Yadav Shri Ram
Agarwalla Sanjib Kumar
Bose Suryasarathi
Chakraborti Sayan
Chandrasekharan Nair Vineeth
Chatterjee Abhijit
Das Soumya
Garg Rohini
Ghosh June
Gupta Neena
Hogadi Amit Pratap
Jash Sukanta
Karri Mani Krishna Venkata
Kumar Ashutosh
Kumar Mahesh
Lata Charu
Maiti Debabrata
Misra Rajneesh
Mukherjee Animesh
Mukherjee Santanu
Pal Vijay
Palit Mithun
Pananghat Gayathri
Pant Vimlesh
Radhakrishnan Mahalakshmi
Rout Prakash Chandra
Singh Ram Pratap
Singh Sunil Kumar
Srivastava Ashish Kumar
Verma Gaurav
Viswantha Ranjani
Professor Har Swarup Memorial Award

2019 Sharma Mahak

Abhilash PC
Biswas Imran Habib
Chavali PL
Dwivedi Suneet
Ghosh Sujit Kumar
Grover Abhinav
Jeganmohan Masilamani
Kar Susanta
Kota Murali
Kommireddy Vasu
Mandal Sumantra
Mishra Amit Kumar
Misra Abha
Mitra Aniruddha
Mrinal Nirotpal
Nair Nisanth Narayanan
Nair Shiny Narayanankutty
Rajaraman Gopalan
Raju Suvrat
Roy Nirupam
Sahu Kirti Chandra
Saraswat Rajeev
Sengupta Sonali
Sharma Pradeep
Trivedi Arun Kumar
Upadhyay Santosh Kumar
Vaish Rahul
Vaze Rahul
Venkataramu PKG
Wahi Pankaj
Agarwal Pinky
Bandyopadhyay Samiran
Bera Melinda Kumar
Bhattacharyya Partha
Biswas Kaushik
Chakraborty Kausik
Chandra Vivek
Chaturvedi Rajnish Kumar
Chavali Sreenivas
Das Siddarth Shankar
Dasgupta Suman
Ghosh Subimal
Gopalan Aravind
Hussain Tanweer
Kayal Neeraj
Mallik Moushami
Mondal Partha Pratim
Mukherjee Saptarshi
Ojha Maheswar
Patel Nitinkumar Lakshmanbhai
Rub Abdur
Sahoo Bijaya Kumar
Saxena Rachit Kumar
Sen Pratik
Singh Ajay
Singh Amanjot
Singh Amit Kumar
Sridhar P Ramu
Srivastava Vimal Chandra
Tiwari Supriya
Ananth Sudarshan
Arun Kumar KP
Biswas Kingshook
Bose Dasgupta Sombeb
Chaki Moumita
Choudhury Sharmistha
Dasgupta Basudeb
Dewangan Pawan
Divya Lekha
Fathima Nishter Nishad
Ghosh Ananda Kumar
Guha Roy Mainak
Gupta Tarun
Jain Sanyog
Kumar Amit
Kumar Dhiraj
Mabalirajan Ulaganathan
Majee Manoj
Maji Pradipta
Misra Deepankar
Naimuddin Md
Nair Sivadasan Vijaykumar
Pani Tapan Kanti
Priyakumar U Deva
Roy Amit
Singh Rajender
Vishnoi Nisheeth Kumar
Yadav Gitanjaili
Bahadur RP
Bajaj Kanika
Baskar V
Biswas Krishanu
Chandrasekar VK
Datta Ayan
Dey Sutirth
Dixit NM
Hendre PS
Jha Gopaljee
Kumar KK
Kumar Niti
Kumbhakar Manoj
Misra Santanu
Mitra Supriyo
Mukhopadhyay D
Nandi Dhananjay
Natarajan Vijay
Paila Yamuna Devi
Pakshirajan Kannan
Parida SK
Patil Nitin T
Prasad A
Rana SS
Roy Choudhury S
Saravanan M
Sawarkar RS
Shankaranarayanan S
Shukla RK
Srivastava Tapasya

Anand V Govindan
Atreya HS
Bhadra A
Bharali G
Bharti AC
Brinda KV
Chakraborti A
Chaturvedi CP
Dabeer OJ
Gandhe AS
Ghosh AK
Gonnade RG
Krishnan Y
Kulkarni AA
Kumar Brijesh
Kumar Manoj
Mahajan N
Mallappa C
Mohapatra JK
Mukhopadhyay S
Patil SA
Pillai BR
Prasad K
Purkait MK
Rajeev PP
Ramesh KV
Tiwari M
Venkatasubramanian G

Ahmed KA
Anandavardhanan UK
Bose Sangita
Chatterjee S
Dey S
Gadgil S
Ganguly A
Garg A
Gharpure SJ
Gogate PR
Iyer PK
Kavitha T
Kumar PS
Mukherjee PS
Nagarajan R
Pal Bipul
Pal Dinesh
Prabhudesai VS
Qamra Rohini
Sarkar Ram Rup
Sharma D
Siddappa NB
Simanshu DK
Sinha Sharmistha
Sundar D
Thakur JK
Varshney RK
Yadav SK

Agarwal AK
Banerjee S
Bisht NC
Chandran L Sunil
Dhawan S
Ghosh S
Gupta A
Jain M
Jana T
Kulwal PL
Kumar A
Manimekalai R
Mondal M
Nair S
Panjabi P
Ramakrishna SA
Ranganathan A
Ravi Kumar MNV
Sandhu AS
Satheshkumar PS
Sethi DK
Sodhi NS
Sriram V
Vasa P
Vidya TNC

Babu S Suresh
Chakrabarti S
Chandra Poonam
Datta AB
Garg Naveen
Ghosh S
Hossain GM
Hotha Srinivas
Joshi PK
Joshi YM
Kessarkar PM
Mishra Vandana
Modi DN
Prakash Prachee
Ramachary DB
Roy A Ghosh
Sawant SV
Selvin J
Sunoj RB
Trivedi OA
 Banerjee S
Basu B
Chandrakumar KRS
Chakraborty PS
Choudhury D
Dalai T K
Jain S L
Karmakar, S
Krupa A
Kshetrapal P
Perumal A
Richa Rikhy V
Roy A
Sandeep K
Sharma P K
Stephen J
Vohara A
Agarwal Tushar
Bhattacharyya SN
Fernandes RA
Ghazi Arjumand
Goswami Debashish
Gujral HS
Harinipriya S
Marhas Kuljeet Kaur
Meena Balaraman
Patwardhan AW
Rudrabhatla Parvathi
Shankar Viswanathan
Sindhu Radhakrishna
Sreenivas G
Ahmad Altaf
Anil Veena S
Bhattacharya Siddhartha
Chakraborty Suman
Guhan N
Holla Yogish I
Jhaveri Dhanisha
Mohanty B
Narayanan G
Nayak Dalia
Radder RS
Raychaudhuri P
Sheth HC
Unniraman Shyam
Walia Kamini

Banerjee SS
Kannan Natarajan
Mishra Sukumar
Mohapatra DK
Nath Sukhendu
Roy Sudipto
Safvan CP
Satheesh  SK
Raja Sekhar GP
Shenoy VB

Hariharan R
Krishna  MMG
Krishnamurthy M
Nagendra Harini
Padiath QS
Patel VV
Ratnaparkhi GS
Roy Lopamudra
Singh Baljeet
Bandyopadhyay S
Bhardwaj Dheeraj
Datta Malabika
Mahaptra Susanta
Pal Arupkumar
Pal Debnath
Ray JS
Tiwari VM
Agarwal Rajiv
Chandran Mahesh
Dasgupta P
Emerald BS
Ghosh Sandip
Khare C
Mittal Sanjay
Rathore D
Uma Shankar
Venkatesh KV
Awana VPS
Bashyam MD
Bhatt AG
Ghosh HN
Guha Suranjana
Gupta SK
Gupta Taruna Madan
Kannan S
Lakshminarayan A
Lele AK
Majumdar SN
Manglik A
Narayan JP
Pandit Alka
Reddy JJ
Sane AP
Sharma VK
Sridharan R
Bhat BV Rajarama
Das B
Das TK
Gahalaut VK
Khan FA
Mazumdar C
Ramachandran S
Senthilkumaran P
Srianand R
Suresh V
Basak Jayanta
Chakravarty C
Chandrasekhar Srivari
Dhar Manoj Kumar
Geetha L
Ghosh Kartik Chandra
Habib Saman
Kumar Sanjay
Kumaran Viswanathan*
Mukhopadhyay Siddhartha
Raman Bakthisaran
Shah Nimish Arun
Srivastava Pratima
Alam Jane
Banerjee Mohua
Chandra Amalendu
Das Indranil
David Sunil Abraham
Ghosh Ashish
Kumar Sanjay
Manna Dipankar
Mukherjee Sushmita
Mukhopadhyay CK
Murty Budaraju S
Porsezian K
Shah Riddhi
Tahseen Qudsia
Bhagat Lakshmi
Bhandari SK
Chowdhury DR
Jain Sudhir Ranjan
Kinger Asha Kiran
Mohan G
Mohapatra T
Parameswaran AJ
Raghuvanshi AS
Rangarajan PN
Ray Debashish
Singh Ashok Kumar
Singh-Sangwan N
Tribedi LC
Venkatesh R
Balasubramaniam R
Chakraborty Tapas
Chaudhury Santanu
Dhawan Alok
Garde Chandrasekhar S
Goyal Neena
Guptasarma Purnananda
Jood Sudesh
Kumar Alok
Puri Sanjay
Ramesh R
Ray Samit Kumar
Singh Narpinder
Sujatha R
Teni Tanuja R
Basu Partha
Bhatt JR
Gaikar VG
Ghosh SK
Gupta Vibha
Hayaran Archana
Kumar Anil
Mandal N
Manna Indranil
Mehta Anuradha
Mukhopadhyay J
Naik NR
Pandey S
Radhakrishnan TP
Ramachandran HS
Ramesh DS
Tripathi Renu
Ajayaghosh A
Amarendra G
Bagchi Subendra Nath
Bhaskarwar Ashok N
Chakrabarti PP*
Das Bibhu Ranjan
Kumar Vinay
Mazumdar Shyamalava
Mohanty Ajit Kumar
Murthy C Siva Ram
Padma S
Rajaram Nirmala
Sengupta Pulak
Uma Kuchibhotla
Asokan S
Chakrabarti SK
Chari Vyjayanthi
Chattaraj PK
Das P
Dattananda CS
Grover A
Joshi RR
Kaul RK
Mukhopadhyay NK
Nityanand Soniya
Sarkar A
Singh SM
Venkataramana TN *
Basu Joyoti
Chanda Bhabatosh
Chandrasekhar V
Chowdhury D
Dadhwal VK
Deobagkar Deepti D
Dey GK
Dikshit Madhu
Mandal B
Mehra Anurag
Mohan Anand
Mohanty S
Nitsure Nitin
Pande Kanchan
Ramesh N
Ray Debraj
Saluja Daman
Viswanathan N
Arora VK
Chaturvedi MM
Durga Prasad M
Jayaraman A
Mahata SK
Majumder K
Nautiyal CM
Pandit Rahul
Samuelson AG
Sarkar Utpal
Sharma Eklabya
Singh Zora
Srikant YN
Visweswariah SS
Biswas DJ
Biswas SK
Datta Dipankar
Jarori Gotam K
Joenathan C
Khan Mohd Islam
Kumar Ajay
Kumar PA
Lakhani Sujata
Mehrotra Priti
Misra RDK
Pal Sourav*
Pande Gopal
Ramesh R*
Srikrishna A*
Srinivas Vasudevan
Bagchi B*
Basra AS
Battacharyya K
Chary KVR
Gowrishankar J*
Home D
Koul SK
Mehrotra R
Mishra B
Sampathkumaran EV*
Sekhar JA
Sekharudu YC
Sharma A *
Upadhyay RS
Varadachari Chandrika
Brahmachari Vani
Dutta A
Gadagkar R*
Ganesh KN*
Jain Sudha
Karandikar RL
Krishna KR
Ogale S
Radhakrishna T
Rai A
Raka Madhu
Ramaswamy R
Saikia DJ
Singh VP
Sundararajan G*
Venkataramani N
Chakrabarti BK*
Giri AK
Gupta PD
Hosur RV*
Kulkarni RN
Lavania UC
Padmanabhan T*
Rao N Hanumantha
Ray D
Sastry GVS
Sharan M*
Singh SK
Srivastava Nalini
Thakur MK
Viswanathan K
Aggarwal PK
Dhar D*
Haldar Misra C
Jha S
Krishnamurthy HR*
Lamba VJ
Lobo MLR
Malakondaiah G
Prasad BVV
Ram Babu HV
Rana NC
Sarma DD*
Saxena AK
Sastri DC
Srivastav AK
Tuli R*
Yadav RB
Anand A*
Bhatia R *
Gadre SR*
Ghosh DP
Goela JS
Gupta G
Gupta SK *
Gupta YK
Hasan SS
Jemmis ED*
Kaul RK*
Mohan Kumar N
Ramanuja Rao IV
Raychaudhuri A*
Seetharaman V
Sivakumar MVK
Chatterjee RN
Chaudhuri BK
Das UC
Joshi JB*
Katti CP
Kota VKB
Kulkarni BD*
Kunwar AC
Lala AK *
Mohandas S
Nagaraj R*
Nagarkatti PS
Pain D
Rentala N
Sainis KB
Sidhu KS
Srivastava SM
Tripathi RD
Vittal KPR
Yadav RL
Agrawal P
Amla DV
Balasubramanian R*
Barma M*
Chakrabarti DK
Mehetre SS
Nori MV*
Pandey D *
Pattabiraman N
Paul S
Pillai S
Reddy ESP
Sathyamurthy N*
Saxena AK
Vasudev VN
Bansal M
Brahmachari SK *
Chattopadhyay K*
Jaluria Y
Koul OK
Ladha JK
Pal Amita
Ramakrishnan S

Chaddah P *
Das KC
Datta AR
Deodhar VV
Easwaramoorthy S
Ghosh Chunilal
Goswami JN*
Khanna-Chopra R*
Ranganath HA
Sen K
Ramasesha SS *

Ahmad A
Balaram P*
Chandola A
Dattagupta S*
Dubey SK
Joshi VP
Kak SC
Kumar Vijay
Raghavendra AS *
Rathore RKS
Singhi NKM*
Sinvhal H
Sobti RC
Suri AK
Banerjee S*
Banerji J
Bhattacharya AR
Dani SG*
Haider S
Halyburton RV
Mohapatra P
Pawar VM
Prasad SSSV
Sen A
Surolia A*
Tyagi VVS

Bhattacharya NC
Dhindsa KS
Hagroo AA
Kataria SK
Khalatkar AS
Kochhar N
Krishnaswami S*
Lakhotia SC *
Munjal ML*
Rao J Lakshmana
Ray M
Brij Gopal
Chandrasekharaiah MN
Gupta CM*
Johri BN
Kapoor AK
Kaw PK *
Padmanabhan KA
Raizada MK
Rajoria DS
Rao BV
Rastogi PP
Ray SK
Sahni VC
Sankaran MS
Sengupta S
Shaila MS
Singh Lalji*
Singh VR
Suryanarayana C
Swamy KN
Tandon SK *

INSA Teachers Award

INSA Teachers Award
Dhamodharan R
Elias AJ
Gautam P
Mazumder Shibnath
Nair AS
Pandi AS
Pandit AB
Pati PK
Yadav RR


Chaudhuri AN
Donde SU
Dube RK
Eswaran SV
Hegde VS
Kumaresan S
Mani HS
Ravishankar Lakshmy
Riesz RP
Sahu PP


Dasgupta Somnath
Kumar Anil
Kumar Arvind
Mallik AK
Patil SH
Ranganathan S
Roy BK
Som SK
Verma SC
Wadia MS


Cherkupally SR
Jaggi Seema
Joag SD
Keshavamurthy Prakash
Mishra RK
Mukhopadhyay Joydip
Pandya TC
Parkash Ravi
Rangwala AA
Rao tr
Sahadevan Ramajayam
Vellat KK


Bekkam VR
Bhagwat SS
Burma PK
Islam NS
Kakkassery JT
Kale SN
Lalitha CS
Mallick AB
Narayanasamy Nandita
Santhanam G
Sreeman SM
Subraya Bhat DN
Verma MK

Alagappan AL Ramanathan
Bhagat Sunita
Chaturvedi AK
Chugh Renu
Das Pratulananda
Gadre VM
Hazarika Ajit
Keshavamurthy Srihari
Misra Somen
Nandula Raghuram
Phookun Bikram

Ali Javed
Bajpai Urmi
Dutta AK
Ganai NA
Iyer RR
Jha PK
K Vijaya Kumar
Mukherjee AK
Mukhopadhyay Achintya
R Sivaraman
R Vasudeva
Taraphder Srabani


Bose Sankar
Brahmachari Goutam
Dabhade RV
Damle SV
De Sudipta
Dutta Paramartha
Ghoshal Debashis
Gupta Saibal
Kumar Sanjay
Manchanda Rohit
Nataraj Neela
S Sathyakumar


Bhalla Vandana
Debnarayan Jana
Dhawan Gagan
Jeganathan Chockalingam
Karaba Nataraj
Kumar P Dilip
Kumbhar Avinash Shankar
Latha N
Mishra Shashi Kant
Panesar Parmjit S
Rarh Vimal
Ravindran Reghu
Tamuli Phatik


Avasare Vidya Dnyaneshwar
Choudhury Yashmin
Dhawan Uma
D’ Souza Roshan
Gajjar Pankajkumar Natawarlal
Gharpure Santosh Janardan
Iqbal Naseer
Mohanty Parasar
Nandi Upendranath
Rawat Charu Dogra
Sahoo Prasanta
Sarkar Pranab
Shankar Uma
Theoder Paul Agastian

INSA Young Historian of Science Award

Recipients of INSA Young Historian of Science Award


Pai Venketeswara R


Mahesh K
Sharma Rohit



Mishra Anuj
Keerthi Naresh

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