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Your application for INYAS Membership 2019 is successfully submitted. Reference number of your application is 2019_XXX    . Please use this number for any further communication.

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2. In parallel, there will be another email sent to both the referees for submitting their recommendation in the following format:


(Name of the Applicant) has suggested you as a referee to provide a letter of support for his application to the membership of Indian Young Academy of Sciences (INYAS).

The Indian National Young Academy of Science (INYAS) which was founded by INSA in 2015 is a platform that enables young scientists to interact, and works towards spreading the enthusiasm about science among school children. INYAS is recognized as the voice of young scientists of India by the Global Young Academy, and actively participates in various international events that invites participation by young scientists. INYAS hopes to work towards building a generation of Indians who practice science as a way of life. More information about INYAS can be found at:

As a member of INYAS, the applicant is not only expected to demonstrate research excellent by making an early impact of his/her research to the society but also:

(i) A career significantly in advance of their peers of similar age, as evidenced by: a publication record of excellence; successful leadership and completion of major research projects; heading a research laboratory or group.  

(ii) Receiving major national or international academic awards

(iii) Organizing national or international academic conferences/workshops/short term courses

(iv) Incubating a company to develop and commercialize his/her research


Please include the following information in your letter of support (in PDF format only) (Maximum file size: 1 MB):

1. A brief description of your current professional position and qualifications to evaluate the applicant

2. Details of how long and in what capacity you have known the applicant

3. Why do you believe that the applicant should be considered one of the top-ranked young researchers at the national level, as evidenced by the criteria listed above, or similar achievements?

4. Your opinion on the commitment demonstrated by the applicant to the delivery of practical impact from their research, which might include economic, social, environmental or other benefits

5. Your opinion on how the applicant could contribute towards the activities of the Indian National Academy of Sciences.


All information provided in your recommendation letter will be confidential, and will be used only for the purpose of judging applications for the membership of Indian National Young Academy of Sciences.