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Accounts Proforma

To be filled in by the scientist financially supported by the Academy for his/her deputation abroad

NOTE: (To be submitted within one month from the date of return from visit abroad)
Name of the scientist  
Designation and address  
Name of International Conference/meeting, etc. attended  
Place of the Conference  
Actual duration of the conference with dates  
Financial assistance by Academy (a copy
of sanction letter be enclosed)
Amount sanctioned:
Academy letter No. and date:
Date and place of departure from India  
Date and place of arrival at the venue of conference  
Date and place of departure from the venue of conference  
Date and place of arrival in India  
Fare by shortest route (or excursion fare from Headquarters to place of conference and back)  
Actual fare paid by the scientist Including FTT (photocopy of Air ticket be enclosed)  
Exemption from payment towards travel, perdiem or registration, if any  
(ii) Registration fee, if paid, amount in Rupees and actual currency be mentioned (photocopy of registration receipt be enclosed)  
**Kindly intimate if local hospitality has been provided by the organizers or any other body. Also indicate the number of days for which hospitality has been provided and also the actual amount sanctioned for this purpose (photocopy of vouchers for room rent for the duration of conference be enclosed)  
** Amount received from sponsors, parent institute or other sources (including international agencies) Kindly supply details as under:  
Name of the Agency:                            Amount received:                                                    Purpose
Balance amount payable by Academy in the light of sanction at Column 6  
Name and address in whose favour the cheque is to be sent  
Please enclose a copy of comprehensive deputation report  
Certified that Academy's grant as indicated above has been Fully utilised for meeting partial fare/perdiem/registration (as the case may be) as per Academy's guidelines.  

Signature of the Scientist

** Kindly enclose copies of the letters granting hospitality, registration fee and fare, etc. if any, from source other than Academy.
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