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Calendar of Meetings - 2017

10th February Friday  Advisory Committee for Science & Society/
 Infrastructure and Informatics Committee/
 Publication Advisory Board
INSA, New Delhi
28th February Tuesday  National Science Day INSA, New Delhi
12th-13th April Wednesday-Thursday  Meeting of the Indian National Commission for History of Science INSA, New Delhi
24th-26th April Monday-Wednesday  Meetings of Sectional Committees for
 Selection of Young Scientist and Election of Fellows /
 Advisory Boards for INSA Awards/Council Meeting/
 General Body Meeting/
 Science Promotion Committee
INSA, New Delhi
24th-27th July Monday-Thursday  ICSU Day/
 Meeting of the SectionalCommittees/
 General Body Meeting/
 Resource Management Committee
INSA, New Delhi
15th-16th September Friday-Saturday  Seminar /
 Meeting of the Indian National Commission for History  of Science
INSA, New Delhi
18th September Monday  Science Promotion Committee INSA, New Delhi
14th October Saturday  Council Meeting / Annual General Meeting Bose Institute, Kolkata
16th October Monday  Meeting of Inter-Academy Exchange Committee INSA, New Delhi
27th-29th December Wednesday-Friday  Seminar/
 Lectures Meeting of INSA Council/
 Anniversary General Meeting /
 Fellowship Induction Ceremony/
 INSA Young Scientists Medal Presentation/
 INSA Teachers Award Presentation

Other Important Dates
Last date for nominations to :

15th June Thursday  INSA Senior Scientist Position for 2018
28th August Monday  Inter-Academy Exchange Programme
16th October Monday  INSA Fellowship/INSA Awards due in 2018
31st October Tuesday  INSA Medal for Young Scientist (2018)


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