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Deputation Report

  • Name of the scientist and address in India

  • Name of the conference attended

  • Venue and date of the conference
Please send a copy of the comprehensive technical / scientific report based on the following points:
  • Highlights of the conference including other participants role in it (Kindly attach a copy of the programme)

  • Summay of the scientific contribution by the deputed scientist including any special discussion points at the conference.

  • Recommendation / conclusions arrived at the conference.

  • Major breakthrough or results reported at the conference (attach any spare document like copy of inaugural address or any keynote paper etc. or give titles if spare copy not available)

  • Possible impact of the present conference on Indian research work (250 words)

  • Any important discussions held by the deputed scientist with other scientists / agencies during or outside the conference.

  • Report of other visits associated with the conference.

  • Report of technical visits made outside the conference

  • Please indicate whether the report should be brought to the notice of specialists (names to be provide) and also whether any follow- up is required. Also please send us documents which may be of lasting value to the Academy.
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