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The Academy instituted the INSA Honorary Scientist Scheme in May 2000 to continue to engage and utilize the expertise of active superannuated Fellows of the Academy involved in research in their specialized disciplines in some recognized institutions/universities in India or to contribute to the growth of science by working from their residence through activities such as preparing monographs/books and other publications.



The objective of the programme is to continue to engage and utilize the expertise of superannuated Fellows of INSA.


Name of the Position:

The awardee shall be called ‘INSA Honorary Scientist’



Superannuated Fellows of INSA.


Number of Positions:

The number of Honorary Scientists to be selected each year will be decided by the Council.



The term of an INSA Honorary Scientist will initially be for a period of three years and is renewable.


Financial Support:

Contingency grant of Rs. 1,00,000/- per annum will be released in one installment directly to the Honorary Scientist or through the host institution. The grant can be used in any suitable way to further the objectives of the programme. The Honorary Scientist will maintain an account of the grant and at the end of the year, he/ she is required to submit a certificate indicating that the money has been spent for the purpose for which it was offered.



INSA Fellows may nominate themselves or other superannuated Fellows for the position of Honorary Scientist. Fellows may write to the President INSA along with a brief CV, proposed plan of work and a letter of acceptance from the host institute if he/she intends to work through an institute. This certificate will not be required if the scientist intends to operate from home. The names of awardees will be reported at the subsequent Council meeting.



The Honorary Scientist can join any time between 1st January to 31st December of the year.


Progress Report and Renewal of Position:

Honorary Scientist will submit a report of his/her work in the prescribed format after completion of each year along with utilization certificate and request for further grant.


Interaction with other Agencies:

The Honorary Scientist is allowed to take up sponsored Research and Consultancy within the norms of the host Institute.



   The Position will stand terminated from the date the Honorary Scientist accepts any paid position.
   Support under the INSA Honorary Scientist Programme should be acknowledged in all publications.
   Final adjustment/settlement of accounts should be done within a period of 30 days of termination of position.
   Council is empowered to amend any of the regulations.


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