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Lectures delivered during AGM (27-29 December, 2017 at IISER, Pune)

Policy for Science and Science for Policy vis-a-vis role of Science Academies (Chair: Professor S Sivaram, FNA) Science for Policy and Policy for Science by Professor VK Paul, FNA
Science & Technology Education Policy for 21st Century India: Lessons from History by Professor LS Shashidhara, FNA
Science and Public Policy : The Role of the Science Academies in the Post – Truth Era by Professor S Sivaram, FNA
Science in IISER Pune (Chair: Professor JB Udgaonkar, FNA) Membrane Fission: Diverse Players, Convergent Mechanisms by Dr Thomas Pucadyil
Chemical origins of life by Dr Sudha Rajamani
Gap-Plasmons: Harnessing Light and Heat at Nanoscale by Dr Pavan Kumar
Black Holes: Fundamentals and Applications by Dr Nabamita Banerjee
Development of Synthetic Chloride Transporters for Inducing Cell Death by Dr Pinaki Talukdar
The molecular basis of nucleobase selectivity in nucleotide triphosphate-utilizing enzymes by Dr Amrita Hazra
Distribution patterns in number sequences by Dr Kaneenika Sinha
Zeta functions for locally symmetric spaces and graphs by Dr Chandrasheel Bhagwat
Stable oxygen isotope as a proxy for paleo-humidity by Dr Gyana Ranjan Tripathy
Understanding El-Nino Monsoon tele-connections by Dr Neena Joseph Mani
Understanding astronomy through verses, prose and phrases by Dr Venketeswara Pai
Science in India in the Era of Mega Projects (Chair: Professor Ajay Sood, FNA) Large projects in High Energy Physics by Sunil Mukhi, FNA
Global projects in Astrophysics for India by Somak Roychaudhury
Discovering the palimpsest of our history using genome scale analysis by Partha P Majumder, FNA
Mega efforts in Cancer Research by RA Badwe
INSA Award Lectures
Indira Gandhi Prize for Popularization of Science Medal (2017) Lecture Seeking N-lightenment, one cup at a time! The Journey of Chai and Why? by Arnab Bhattacharya, TIFR, Mumbai
Homi Jehangir Bhabha Medal (2014) Lecture Reconstructing Dark Energy by Varun Sahni, FNA
Homi Jehangir Bhabha Medal (2017) Lecture Dynamics of Galaxies: Effect of Interstellar Gas and Dark Matter Halo by Chanda J Jog, FNA
Special Lectures
Gandhi and Science by Dr Subodh Kerkar, Artist, Activist, Cultural theorist and Historian, founding Director of Museum of Goa
ASSURED: The Game Changing Innovation Paradigm by Dr RA Mashelkar, FNA, FRS
Anniversary Address
Nature Inspired Physics: Flocking and Bacterial Heat Engine by Professor Ajay K Sood, President, INSA


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