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1. A letter drawing attention of the Fellows of the Academy, to the last date on which nominations for Pravasi Fellowship should reach the office of the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, shall be issued by the Academy. Every nominee shall be proposed in prescribed form by a Fellow of the Academy. The nomination paper shall specify the name, date of birth, nationality, whether PIO / OCI card holder, field of specialization, profession, designation and present address, and shall include a brief statement of the most significant achievements of the nominee, list of best ten papers and total list of publications, pdf of five best papers, information regarding his/her membership of the academies in the home country, his/her interest in scientific activities in India and names of three referees amongst Indian scientists with whom the nominee has close professional linkages. The Proposer shall also specify how the nominee’s election would help the Academy in the furtherance of its aims and objectives.

The nomination paper, complete in all respects, shall be sent by post or may be handed over personally by a Fellow of the Academy to the Executive Director during working hours. The particulars of the nomination paper when received along with all documents at the office of the Executive Director shall be recorded with the date of receipt in a book to be kept for the purpose, which will be read at the next meeting of the Council. The nomination shall be valid for three years only.

2. Guidelines for selection:

(a) The nominee should be a person of Indian Origin with foreign passport (residing within or outside territorial limits of India) or with Indian passport (residing outside the territorial limits of India)

(b) The nominee should be an internationally recognized leader in his own field.

(c) The nominee should have close connection with Indian scientists and should be aware of the progress of Indian science, its accomplishments and aspirations. The past, present and future advantages and gains to the Academy and to the scientists of India by the election of a Pravasi Fellow may also be kept in view.

(d) The Nominating Committee for Pravasi Fellows will be same as constituted for the consideration of Foreign Fellows. The members of the nominating committee could also suggest additional names on their own. All efforts should be made by the Nominating Committee to increase the number of Pravasi Fellows of the Academy elected each year without compromising / diluting the principles underlying the present selection process.

(e) The Vice-President (International Affairs) and Member-Secretary of the Nominating Committee will write a letter to all the fellows every year inviting nominations from them. He will also contact the members of the Sectional Committees for suitable nominations. It will be helpful for the Vice President to be in touch with the Conveners of the Sectional Committees so that they act in good time and in the manner envisaged.

(f) The meeting of the Nominating Committee will be held sometime during June-July to select suitable names among the nominations so received. The names selected for Pravasi Fellowship by the Nominating Committee will be reported to the Council in the month of August.

3. The names of the candidates so selected shall be circulated to all Fellows on a voting paper to be returned by a prescribed date. The Fellow shall vote by placing a cross for the names of those he wishes to be elected.

The selection of candidates to be so nominated for Fellowship up to the permissible number under Rule 13(b) shall be recommended to the fellows of the Academy for election.

It shall be the aim of the Council to see that the recommendations are distributed evenly, as far as possible, in different branches of Science.

4. The voting paper shall not be signed but enclosed in a sealed envelope, which shall be forwarded to the Vice-President (Fellowship Affairs) in an outer cover with a covering letter signed by the Fellow so as to reach the Office of the Academy by the date prescribed. In the absence of a covering letter the voting paper shall be invalid.

5. Two scrutineers shall be appointed by the President for counting the votes. The scrutineers, after examining the voting papers, shall report to the President the number of votes received by each candidate. The President shall then at the meeting of the Council to be held in October, announce the names of candidates who have secured the votes of two-thirds of the Fellows voting and shall declare them as duly elected. In the case of a tie, the President shall have a casting vote. The result of election shall be notified to all the Fellows. This election, however, shall be effective from January 1 of the following year.



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