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The Academy instituted in 1984 Research Professorships to recognise pioneering contributions of Indian scientists in science and/or technology. This prestigious Professorship is for a period of five years with total number not exceeding five at any given time.

Name of the Professorships:

The programme is called INSA Research Professorship and the Academy Professor is designated as INSA Research Professor. The five INSA Professorships are named as Albert Einstein Research Professor, Golden Jubilee Research Professor, Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman Research Professor, Srinivasa Ramanujan Research Professor and Satyendra Nath Bose Research Professor.



The Professorship is awarded in recognition of outstanding contributions to any branch of Science & Technology falling within the purview of the Academy. The main aim of the Professorship is to provide recognition to a person who had made outstanding scientific research contributions and to enable him to continue to contribute to the subject of his/her choice. The INSA Research Professor may continue to work in his/her own institution or in any other suitable institution within India.



The award shall be made only to Indian scientists/ technologists working in some recognised research institutions/ universities in India.



Total number shall not exceed five at any given time.



The Professorship is tenable for five years.



The Professorship shall carry a fixed pay of Rs 80,000/- per month plus admissible allowances. Pensionary benefits, etc. shall be deducted as per Govt. of India rules. A sum of Rs 1,00,000/- per annum for contingencies will also be provided.

There shall be provision for appointment of a Research Associate (as per DST/ CSIR guidelines) to assist the Research Professor.

The institution concerned shall, as far as possible, provide the working facilities, e.g. research facilities, secretarial assistance, etc. (where necessary, a telephone and secretarial assistance may be provided on job basis out of the contingency funds). The funds will be drawn by the institutions from INSA.


Announcement of the Professorship:

The President will present the name of the scientist, selected with the help of a Committee constituted for the purpose, for approval of the Council. The name of the awardee will be announced in the subsequent General Body Meeting. The award offer will remain valid for one year from the date on which the offer is made by the Academy or for one year from the date on which the Professorship falls vacant, whichever is later.


Terms and Conditions:
The intellectual property rights arising out of the work of the Professor will be governed by the norms of the host institution.
Support for the INSA Research Professorship should be acknowledged in all publications.
The INSA Professor shall present to the Academy a yearly detailed report of the work done at the end of the year along with statement of expenditure for release of grant for next year.
He/ She shall, after the expiry of the Professorship, also present a comprehensive report in the form of a review article for publication in Academy’s Proceedings.
He/ She will also be invited to deliver a talk during one of the INSA meetings after completion of his/her tenure as INSA Research Professor.
These regulations may be revised or amended by the Council of INSA at any time.


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