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 INSA-IASc-NASI Summer Research Fellowship

Summer Research Fellowships for Students and Teachers: Under this programme, specific proposals are invited from students and teachers for the work they propose to undertake during the two month long Fellowship. The very fact that more number of students and teachers could not be accommodated in this programme, was due to shortage of Fellow supervisors. We now include active non-Fellow faculty members (recommended by Fellows), young scientist awardees and others as supervisors in this initiative.

During the year 2015-2016 around 1243 students and 200 teachers availed the fellowship.

Every year Academy organises an interactive meeting between Summer Research Fellows and their mentors. This year an Interactive meeting of Summer Research Fellows (2015-16) & Mentors with Science Academies was held on 09 June, 2016 at INSA Auditorium. Around 100 Summer Research Fellows along with their mentors and some of the INSA local fellows also attended the meeting.

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