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The Academy instituted in 1985 a programme of INSA Senior Scientist to utilize the expertise of active superannuated Fellows of the Academy involved in high quality research in their specialized disciplines in recognized R&D Centre/University/ institution in India.

Name of the Programme:

The Programme is called the INSA 'Senior Scientist Programme' and the Awardee is called 'INSA Senior Scientist'.



The objective of the programme is to utilize the expertise of INSA Fellows after superannuation to continue to work in the area of his/her choice in an R&D centre/university/institution in India.


Superannuated INSA Fellows working in India.


Number of Positions:

The number of INSA Senior Scientists to be selected each year will be decided by the Council.



The term of an INSA Senior Scientist is initially for a period of three years, extendable for another two years after a review of the performance during the three year period.



The grants consist of an Honorarium of Rs.30,000/- per month (taxable) and a Contingency of Rs. 1,00,000/ per annum for meeting expenses on secretarial assistance, stationery, communication, travel etc. The funds will be drawn by the host institution where the Senior Scientist works.

The INSA Senior Scientist is allowed to take up sponsored Research and Consultancy within the norms of the host institution.


Nomination and Selection:

Proposal in the prescribed form for the Senior Scientist position will be invited from the Fellows of the Academy in the first week of May preceding the year of the award. The proposal duly completed in all respects, signed, and routed through the Head of the Institution where a scientist intends to work, should be sent to the Academy so as to reach by 15 June. The proposals received will be examined by the Science Promotion Committee. The recommendations of the Committee will be considered and selection be made by the Council at its meeting to be held in October.



Names of the scientists selected by the Council for the position of INSA Senior Scientists will be announced at the subsequent Annual General Body Meeting of the Academy to be held in October.

The award of the INSA Senior Scientist position would be valid from 1 January to 31 December of the year of Award. Otherwise, the selected scientist has to be nominated afresh for consideration by the Academy for future position.


Renewal and Reports:

Senior Scientist will submit an Annual Report of his/her research work in the prescribed format at the end of the year along with the statement of expenditure for release of grant for the next year. At the end of the tenure, the Senior Scientist is required to submit a consolidated Technical Report of the entire duration of the tenure in the prescribed format.



60 days in a year with honorarium whether in India or abroad.


The host Institution shall submit audited statement of accounts and utilization certificate to INSA.
The position will stand terminated from the date the INSA Senior Scientist accepts any paid position.
Support under the INSA Senior Scientist Programme should be acknowledged in all publications.
Final adjustment/settlement of accounts should be done within a period of 30 days of termination of the position.
The intellectual property rights arising out of the work of the Senior Scientist will be governed by the norms of the host institution.
At the completion of the tenure of the INSA Senior Scientist, the awardee shall hand over all permanent equipment purchased using the contingency funds to the host institution or any other institution as decided by INSA.
These regulations may be revised or amended by the Council at any time.


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