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Name of the Programme:

The programme shall be called ‘Research Support for the INSA Young Scientist Medal Awardees’.



The objective of this programme is to provide startup research support or interim Fellowship to the Young Scientist Medal awardees who may submit a research proposal to the Academy for support or for the award of interim Fellowship.


Submission of the Project:

The proposal may be submitted for consideration of the Academy on the prescribed form at any time within one year of presentation of Medal Award to the Young Scientist awardee. The Project shall be started in the year in which it is approved by the Academy. If the Awardee is not in a position to submit the project proposal within one year of the award, he/she may submit the proposal at the earliest thereafter, but in no case later than the date when he/she completes 38 years of age.



A startup research grant of Rs. 5 lakhs per annum to cover the cost of chemicals/ consumables spare parts for existing equipment/ travel to participate in seminars/symposia in the country or any other expenses connected with the research project. In case, the Young Scientist Medal Awardee is not in full employment with any organisation he/ she will be considered for suitable interim Fellowship.



The term of interim Fellowship or research support for the project will be for 3 years only. He/she shall present to the Academy a yearly report of the work done and a final report at the end of tenure in prescribed proforma.



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