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Seminars/Symposiums held under History of Science Programme

November 1950 - UNESCO-NISI Symposium on History of Sciences in India, Delhi.
August 1961 - NISI Symposium on the History of Sciences in Ancient and Medieval India at Bose Institute, Calcutta.
October 1978 - History of Sciences of Ancient & Medieval India, New Delhi.
October 1978 - Asian Regional Seminar on Contribution of Science & Technology to national Development, Delhi.
November 1971 - Symposium on Al-Biruni and Indian Sciences, New Delhi.
February 1973 - Symposium on Copernicus and Astronomy, New Delhi.
November 1976 - Symposium on 1500th Birth Anniversary of Aryabhata, New Delhi.
April 1978 - National Seminar on "Technology and Science in India during 1400-1800 AD", New Delhi.
February 1980 - Seminar on Science & Technology in India in 18th- 19th Century, New Delhi.
August 1981 - Seminar on the Occassion of Birth Anniversary of Ibn-Sina, Lucknow.
November 1981 -INSA-Nehru Centre Indo-Soviet Seminar in the area of History of Science, Bombay.
February 1997 - Seminar on Sunya, New Delhi.
December 1998 - International Seminar on Indo-Portuguese History : Science, Technology & Culture, New Delhi.
October 2000 - Workshop on History of Science Researches in India : Future Directions with NISTADS., New Delhi.

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