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National Commission

“Historical Appraisal of ICC – Evolving Spectrum of Epidemiology & Clinical  
by Dr. S Sriramachari, FNA  

“Indigenous knowledge on the medicinal plant resources of Coromandel coast 
  forests of peninsular India in the modern period”

  by Dr. N. Parthasarathy, Pondicherry. 

“History of Development and progress in Cancer Research & Control in Post-
  Independent India : focus on Two Pioneering Institutes”
by Dr. Sukta Das, Kolkata.

“Minerals, Mining and Metal working crafts in medieval India. C 1600-1750 AD : A
  study based on Dutch sources”
by Dr. Ishrat Alam, Aligarh.

Catalogue and technical analysis of forge welded iron cannons in Deccan Fortsby Prof. R
Balasubramaniam & Dr. S. Jai Kishan, Kanpur.

“Science and Nationalism in Bengal 1876-1947: Phase VI : Austosh Mukherjee and Mathematics (1964-1924)” by Prof. Chittabrata Palit, Kolkata.

“Documentation of Cannons of Eastern India” by Dr. P K Chattopadhyay, Kolkata.

“A Comprehensive Study of Kuttakar Siromani by Devraja” by Prof. Saroj V Singh,   Mumbai.

“A Comparative study of Planetary models in Respect of epicycles in Classical Indian Astronomy vis-a-vis Ptolemaic and Copernican Models” by  Dr. Padmaja Venugopal, Bangalore.

“A Critical Study of Indian Astronomical Tables-Sarinis, Koshtakas, Padakas and 
by Prof. S. Balachandra Rao,  Bangalore.

“Towards an understanding of indigenous knowledge system of the fishermen of Sundarbans in West Bengal and their approach to health, sanitation and climate” by Prof. Mahua Sarkar,  Jadavpur.

“Musical Pillar – an unique feature of Vijayanagar Architecture” by Dr. (Mrs.) P. Arundhati,  New Delhi.

“A Military Revolution in India? War, Technology and Colonialism in South Asia : 1740-1849”
by  Dr. Kaushik Roy,  Kolkata. 

“A Historical Study of Epillepsy from 1900 AD to 2005 AD” by Dr. Arun Kumar Sethi, Delhi

“A Physical Survey of Irrigational Works in the Thar Desert of Medieval Times” by Prof. B L Bhadani, Aligarh

“1960-1999 : Four Decades of Biochemistry in India” by Dr. (Mrs.) Srabani Sen, Kolkata

“Anatomical Knowledge and the Anatomy of Medical Knowledge in India : Some Preliminary Inquiries” by Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya, Kolkata

"Documentation and study of the archaeometallurgical and ethnometallurgical evidence in Uttaranchal with special reference to iron and copper" by Prof. D P Agarwal, Director, Lok Vigyan Kendra, “Ashirvad”, East Pokharkhali, Almora 263601.

"Modern Science in India : colonial compulsions and nationalist aspirations" by Prof. R K Kochhar,, Professor, Pharmaceutical Heritage Centre National Institute of Pharmaceutical, Education and research (NIPER), Sector 67, SAS Nagar, Distt. Ropar , Punjab 160062.

"Traditional Technology of Hill Tribes of Northeast India" by Dr. Vanlalruata Rengsi, Department of History, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, , Meghalaya 793022

"A Critical Study of Karana-paddhati of Putumana Somayaji and Preparation of English Translation with Mathematical Notes" by Dr. K Ramasubramanian, Assistant Professor, Dept. of History, Indian Institute of Technology, , Powai, Mumbai 400076.

"Calcuttan Science (1814-1914) and the Mini-renaissance in India" by Prof. Arun Kumar Biswas,, Flat 2A “Kamalini”, 69 A Townshend Road, Kolkata 700026.

"Technology of the Tribes of Northeast India with Special Reference to Arunachal Pradesh" by Dr. A K Thakur, Reader, Department of History, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, Meghalaya 793022.


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