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  Prahlad Raoji Awati

Name Professor PR Awati
(Professor Prahlad Raoji Awati)
  Gender M
Birth 1887
Specialization Zoology
  Year of Election 1930  
  Demise 16-02-1966

Prahlad Raoji Awati obtained his DIC degree (1913) from the Imperial College, London, UK. His specialization was in zoology. He was Professor of Zoology, Institute of Science, Bombay and Research Officer, Medical Research Institute, Kasauli.

Academic and Research Achievements: Awati carried out extensive research on houseflies (Musca) during 1914-19 at Kasauli. At Institute of Science, Mumbai, he established a leading school of marine zoology and studied the fauna of the Mumbai shore. This work resulted in the publication of a number of papers on the ecology, bionomics, distribution and anatomy of the common shore animals like Oncidium, Thalassema, Dendrostoma, and some polychaete worms like Nereis. Apart from exploratory research, he laid a firm foundation for marine zoology, which spanned subjects like fishery biology, planktology and fish biochemistry.

Other Contributions: Awati founded Rani Parvati Devi College of Arts & Sciences (of which he was the first Principal) in a backward area in Sawantwadi (Maharashtra). He was also associated with the founding of the Maharashtra Association for the Cultivation of Science.

Awards and Honours: Awati was a Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore and Entomological Society (London). He was President, Zoology Section of Indian Science Congress (1934).

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