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  Prasad Baini

Name Dr P Baini
(Dr Prasad Baini)
  Gender M
Birth 1884
Specialization Zoology and Pleontology
  Year of Election 1930  
  Demise 18-01-1969

Baini Prasad completed his BSc (1918) at the Panjab University, Lahore, and further obtained DSc (1927) from University of Edinburgh, UK. His areas of specialization were zoology and pleontology. He was the first Indian Director, Zoological Survey of India and the first Adviser, Fisheries Department, Government of India.

Academic and Research Achievements: Baini Prasad studied recent and fossil Vivipariidae, their distribution, evolution and palaeogeography. He postulated that the evolution of the shell sculpture in Vivipariidae had a phylogenetic origin and that the various series of forms evolved more or less on parallel lines. Baini pointed out in 1930-31, the influence of environment on convergent evolution in his works on parallel evolution of the molluscan fauna of South East Asia and South America. He undertook a series of studies on Nuculidae and Vivipariidae, and the genus Corbicula. His other publications were mainly on the remains of mammals in ancient excavations in India, on fish and fisheries, and on the taxonomy of some Indian termites.

Other Contributions: Baini Prasad served as an Editor of zoological articles in 'The Wealth of India: Raw Materials'. He was largely responsible for the founding of the Central Fisheries Research Institute.

Awards and Honours: Dr Prasad was a member of the Fishery Advisory Committee, FAO and the First President of the FAO-sponsored Indo-Pacific Fisheries Council. He received the Joy Gobind Law Memorial Gold Medal (Asiatic Society) and the OBE. He was the President of INSA (1941-42).

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