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  Therizhundur Panchapagesa Bhaskara Sastri

Name Professor TP Bhaskara Sastri
(Professor Therizhundur Panchapagesa Bhaskara Sastri)
  Gender M
Birth 1889
Specialization Astronomy
  Year of Election 1930  
  Demise 26-06-1950

Therizhundur Panchapagesa Bhaskara Sastri completed his MA from the University of Madras. He held the positions of Director, Nizamiah Observatory, Hyderabad (1922-44) and Research Professor of Astronomy, Osmania University, Hyderabad.

Academic and Research Achievements: Bhaskara Sastri was responsible for the completion of the international Carte-du-Ciel program for the astrographic zones -19° to +23° and +36° to +39°, enabling the present-day astronomical catalogues bear the prefix HYD for thousands of stars. He supervised the installation of the 15-inch Grubl refractor in the Nizamiah Observatory. Started a program of observations of variable stars with faint minima and set up a weather and seismological unit in the observatory.

Awards and Honours: Bhaskara Sastri was a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore and Member, International Astronomical Union (1919). In 1922 he was the President of the Mathematics Section, Indian Science Congress. He was given the title of Rao Sahib (1940).

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