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  Girindra Sekhar Bose

Name Professor GS Bose
(Professor Girindra Sekhar Bose)
  Gender M
Birth 1886
Specialization Psychoanalysis and Psychology
  Year of Election 1930  
  Demise 03-06-1953

Girindra Sekhar Bose obtained his DSc (1921) from the University of Calcutta. His specialization was in Psychoanalysis and Psychology. He was Medical Practitioner (1910); Head, Department of Psychology (1929), and Professor of Psychology (1939-49), University of Calcutta.

Academic and Research Achievements: Bose greatly helped the surgeons by putting the patient in hypnotic trance (mesmerism) and mastered the technique of hypnotism and treated mental patients. His specialization was closely akin to psychoanalysis. Dr Bose made his own investigations into the unconscious regions of the mind and his contributions attracted attention not only of Freud but also other foremost psychoanalysts of the day namely, Jones, Ferenczi and others. In general psychology too, he made a number of original contributions. His article on 'Illusion' was elaborately discussed by Spearman in his famous book Psychology Down the Ages. His another book Swapna (Dream) in Bengali proved as a good medium to introduce Freud and the psychoanalytical process among the large reading public. During the course of his psychoanalytical researches, Dr Bose's versatile mind soon realized that there was parallelism and similarities between the psychoanalytical view and the ancient Indian scriptures about the mind. Accordingly, with his characteristic zeal, he studied ancient Sanskrit texts philosophical, mythological and historical literatures, with the help of Pundits. This resulted in his publication of now well-known treaties like Purana Prabesh (Introduction to Purana Shastras), Patanjali Yogasutra, Bhagawat Gita etc. He also took interest in juvenile literature. In this respect his book Lalkalo (Red and Black) will always occupy a distinctive position in the field.

Other Contributions: Bose established the Lumbini Park Mental Hospital, pioneered the Mental Hygiene Movement in India and established the first Mental Diseases Department and an outdoor clinic at the Carmichael Medical College. He started the Applied Psychology Section in the Department of Psychology, University of Calcutta, which aided the study of Indian data for the child, adolescent and adult minds. He was Editor of Samiksha, an international journal of psychoanalysis (1947).

Awards and Honours: Bose was President of Psychology Section of Indian Science Congress (1933, 1938). He was Member of Psychoanalytical Society (President, 1922); and was the Founder of Indian Psychoanalytical Society.

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