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  Harprasad Chaudhuri

Name Dr H Chaudhuri
(Dr Harprasad Chaudhuri)
  Gender M
Birth 1895
Specialization Plant Pathology
  Year of Election 1930  
  Demise 19-08-1945

Harprasad Chaudhuri completed his PhD (1922) and obtained his DSc (1939) from the University of London. His area of specialization was plant pathology. He was the Head of the Department and later the Director of Kashyap Research Laboratory of Panjab University, Lahore. Academic and Research Achievements: Chaudhuri, worked on a variety of fungi, including soil, aquatic and coprophilous fungi, slime moulds, bacteria including bacterial diseases of wheat and mycorrhiza. He investigated the physiology of 'saltation in fungi' and made some interesting observations on mycorrhiza in Marchantia nepalensis. Chaudhuri isolated an endophyte and by means of inoculation experiments, showed that a reciprocal symbiosis exists. He studied the various diseases of tea bushes, orchards and vegetable crops and also the effect of X-rays and ultraviolet rays on the physiology of some fungi. Awards and Honours: Harprasad Chaudhuri was a Fellow of the Indian Botanical Society, Botanical Society of Bengal and Lahore Horticultural Society. He also was the President of the Botany Section of the Indian Science Congress in 1932.

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