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  Horace Barrett Dunnicliff

Name Professor HB Dunnicliff
(Professor Horace Barrett Dunnicliff)
  Gender M
Birth 1885
Specialization Inorganic Chemistry
  Year of Election 1930  
  Demise 08-10-1958

Horace Barrett Dunnicliff obtained his ScD (1923) from the University of Dublin, Republic of Ireland with a specialization in inorganic chemistry. He worked as Professor of Chemistry and Vice-Principal of the Khalsa College, Amritsar. He later became Professor of Chemistry and Principal of the Government College, Lahore.

Academic and Research Achievements: Dunnicliff was noted for his contributions to inorganic reactions especially of hydrogen sulphide with different oxidizing agents. He also studied the composition of crystalline phases of some ammonium and sodium salts and developed techniques for the separation of sodium salts from saline solutions. In addition, he developed few novel analytical methods for the analysis of certain commercial products e.g. estimation of sulphates in guncotton, morphine in Indian opium, naphthalene in denatured salt, free mercury in mercurial ointments, pyridine bases in denatured spirits etc. He devised simple apparatus to fractionate liquid effluents from guncotton factory to recover useful by-products from the waste stream.

Other Contributions: Horace Barrett authored many books including A History of Chemistry in Punjab (with RK Bahl). He was a part of various policy-making bodies, serving as the Special Chemical Adviser, Government of India, Central Board of Revenue (1928-37); Chief Chemist, Central Revenue Chemical Service, Delhi (1937-43); and a Member of Drug Act Technical Advisory Committee (1940-45). He was also the Chief Technical Officer, War Transport Department, Government of India (1943-46).

Awards and Honours: Professor Dunnicliff was CIE (1939). He was a Fellow at the Indian Chemical Society (Vice-President, 1941-43) and Royal Institute of Chemistry and President, Chemistry Section, Indian Science Congress (1934).

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