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  Cyril Sankey Fox

Name Sir CS Fox
(Sir Cyril Sankey Fox)
  Gender M
Birth 1886
Specialization Economic Geology
  Year of Election 1930  
  Demise 28-12-1951

Sir Cyril Sankey Fox obtained his DSc degree from the University of Birmingham, UK with specialization in economic geology. He was Assistant Superintendent (1911-30); Superintendent (1930), Director and Director-General (1939-43) of Geological Survey of India; and Consulting Mining Geologist, CSIR.

Academic and Research Achievements: Fox is known for his contributions to exploration of coal and bauxite, engineering geology, water supply, and radioactive mineral exploration. A versatile geologist, he was originally known for his work on the Gondwana coalfields. His pioneering work on bauxites was thorough, exhaustive and authentic. He reported on the mineral resources of Alwar, Baroda, Dhar, Dhrangadhra, Dongarpur, Idar, Palampur, Patiala, Rewa and Sarjuja in India and of Dhufur Province, Muscat and Oman in Arabia. Fox is credited with opening up of many old abandoned mines .One such case is zinc mine in Zawar (Rajasthan), which was abandoned in Moghul period, was resurveyed and revived. It is still in production.

Other Contributions: Fox took particular interest in organization and management of science in India.

Awards and Honours: Fox was a Fellow of Asiatic Society, Kolkata (President, 1942) and Geological Society (London). He was a Member of Institute of Mining Engineers; Mining, Geological and Metallurgical Institute (President, 1936), and Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Society of India (President, 1943-45). He was President, Geology and Geography Section of Indian Science Congress (1929); and was Knighted (1944).

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