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  Edward Aubrey Glennie

Name Brig EA Glennie
(Brig Edward Aubrey Glennie)
  Gender M
Birth 1889
Specialization Geophysics
  Year of Election 1930  
  Demise 15-02-1980

Brig Edward Aubrey Glennie’s specialization was in geophysics. He entered the Army in 1910 and retired as Brigadier in 1942. He was the Director of the Survey of India.

Academic and Research Achievements: Glennie made valuable contributions in various capacities to the growth of surveys of India. As a scientist with the Survey of India, he was engaged in determining the force of gravity over India (including present day Pakistan and Bangladesh), Baluchistan, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and the Maldives.

Awards and Honours: Glennie was recipient of CIE (1942) and Gold Medal (Royal Geological Society). He was a Fellow of Royal Astronomical Society, Royal Engineering Society, Royal Geological Society, Geological Society of London and Zoological Society of London. He was also a Foundation Fellow of British Cane Research Association (and sometime President).

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