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  Shanker Nath Kapur

Name Dr SN Kapur
(Dr Shanker Nath Kapur)
  Gender M
Birth 1895
Specialization Chemical Technology
  Year of Election 1930  
  Demise 10-01-1972

Shanker Nath Kapur obtained his DSc degree (1923) from University of Gothenberg, Germany. His specialization was in chemical technology. He was Officer-in-Charge, Wood Seasoning Section, Forest Research Institute (FRI), Dehra Dun; Assistant Manager, Rifle Factory, Ichapore and later Gun and Carriage Factory, Jabalpur (Ordnance Factory, Government of India); and Chief Research Officer, FRI, Dehra Dun.

Academic and Research Achievements: Kapur studied the changes that take place during wood seasoning. He designed furnace-heated kilns and electrical resistance type moisture meters for determining the moisture content of wood. Seasoning of wood as kiln-drying with ozonised air, oscillatory method of drying refractory hardwood, and metallization of wood by a vaporized spray technique are some of this research contributions. His manual on the air-seasoning of 150 species of Indian timber formed the basis of the Indian Standard Classification of Indian timbers based on refractoriness to seasoning. He set up many timber-seasoning kilns in public as well as private sectors and worked on finding substitutes for walnut in making rifle butts, furniture, etc. Kapur formulated casein and other vegetable protein glues for plywood, and obtained oil-free protein from oilcakes.

Other Contributions: After retirement (1950) he worked on timber development and established Kapur's Industrial and Research Laboratory (KIN—LAB), which rendered technical assistance to seasoning units throughout India and Sri Lanka.

Awards and Honours: Kapur was an Associate Member of Institute of Chemical Engineers, London.

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