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  Kuverji Gosai Naik

Name Professor KG Naik
(Professor Kuverji Gosai Naik)
  Gender M
Birth 1885
Specialization Organic Chemistry
  Year of Election  
  Demise 19-11-1974

KG Naik obtained his DSc (1921) from University of London, UK specializing in organic chemistry. He served as the Professor of Chemistry and Head, Department of Chemistry, Baroda College and Principal, Baroda College. He was the First Rector, Gujarat University (1950).

Academic and Research Achievements: Naik’s main contribution was to the chemistry of reactive methylene group. He carried out research work on the interaction of sulphur nonochloride with substances containing reactive methylene group. Amides like acetamide, benzamide etc gave monosulphides when reacted with sulphur monochloride. However, when the above reaction was carried out with malonanilide, it gave disulphide, sulphur being linked to reactive methylene group.

Others Contributions: Naik worked as Industrial Chemist to Government of Baroda during 1924-44. He also contributed in the establishment of Alembic Chemical Works at Baroda, and University of Department of Chemical Technology (now University of Chemical Technology) at Bombay University.

Awards and Honours: Naik received the Sir PC Ray Medal (1952). He was a Member, Indian Chemical Society (also Vice-President); President, Chemistry Section, Indian Science Congress (1931); and Fellow, Royal Institute of Chemistry (London). The prestigious ‘KG Naik Gold Medal’ by MS University of Baroda was instituted in his memory.

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