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  Bhupati Mohan Sen

Name Professor BM Sen
(Professor Bhupati Mohan Sen)
  Gender M
Birth 01-03-1988
Specialization Differential Geometry; Hydrodynamics; Modern Physics
  Year of Election  
  Demise 24-09-1978

Bhupati Mohan Sen obtained MA (1912) from University of Cambridge, UK. He served as Professor of Mathematics, Dacca Government College (1915-21), Professor of Mathematics, Dacca University (1921-23) and later at Presidency College, Kolkata (1923-30). He also served as Principal, Presidency College, Kolkata (1931-42) and also part time Professor of Mathematics, University College of Science, Kolkata (1943-54).

Academic and Research Achievements: Sen made notable contributions to differential geometry, hydrodynamics and modern physics. He pointed out the distinction between the applicability and deformation of a surface and its bearing on the general theory of deformation. He showed that the partial differential equation of the Monge-Ampere type, on which the deformation of a surface is supposed to depend, is necessary but not a sufficient condition. In 1947, he published a booklet in which he advanced a new theory of light and matter, claiming the theory to be logically sound and in accordance with experimental evidence.

Awards and Honours: Professor Sen won the prestigious Padma Vibhushan Award. He was elected President of the Mathematics and Statistics Section, Indian Science Congress (1944); and President, Indian Physical Society (1934-35).

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