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  Hemendra Kumar Sen

Name Professor HK Sen
(Professor Hemendra Kumar Sen)
  Gender M
Birth 1888-00-00
Specialization Inorganic and Analytical chemistry
  Year of Election  
  Demise 06-06-1945

Hemendra Kumar Sen received DSc (1915) from University of London, UK. He worked as Chemist, Tata Iron and Steel Works, Jamshedpur (1916); Chief Chemist, Sulphuric Acid Works of Jamal Brothers in Burma (1916-19); Professor in Applied Chemistry, University of Calcutta (1926-35); Director, Central Lac Research institute (1935-44); and later Director of Industries, Bihar.

Academic and Research Achievements: Sen started his research career with a study of some problems in inorganic and analytical chemistry. He developed a method for the estimation of nitrites. He also developed methods for the preparation of a number of reduced pyridine, quinoline and isoquinoline derivatives by the condensation of oxymethlene ketones and ?-disketones with cyanacetamide. He reported the preparation of some aldol compounds by the condensation of chloral with acetone, acetophenone, acetoveratrone, acetotoluene and acetonaphthone. In later years, his interest shifted to biochemistry, specially fermentation chemistry, and chemical technology. New uses for shellac and improved methods of its manufacture owe to Sen’s researches.

Other Contributions: Sen served on many committees of CSIR, particularly on Fuel Research Committee.

Awards and Honours: Professor Sen was awarded Sikhraj Rai Lectureship by Patna University (1927); and Adhar Chandra Memorial Lectureship by University of Calcutta (1931). He was elected President of the Chemistry Section, Indian Science Congress (1927), Indian Institute of Chemistry (1930-32; 1935-36) and Indian Chemical Society (1940-41).

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