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  Narendra Nath Sengupta

Name Professor NN Sengupta
(Professor Narendra Nath Sengupta)
  Gender M
Birth 1889-12-23
Specialization Psycology; Philosophy; Education and Anthropology
  Year of Election  
  Demise 1944-06--13

Narendra Nath Sengupta obtained PhD (1915) from Harvard University, USA and DSc from University of Calcutta. He worked as Professor of Philosophy and Psychology, University of Calcutta; and also Professor of Philosophy and Psychology, University of Lucknow.

Academic and Research Achievements: Sengupta was a highly reputed and pioneer psychologist. A man of great wisdom, intuition and creative ability, he analyzed the mind and its various facets. His contributions to psychological knowledge covered the social, ethnic, experimental, educational, criminal and religious aspects. He also made notable contributions to the disciplines of philosophy, education and anthropology. His also authored the books: Introduction to Social Psychology, Heredity in Mental Traits, Mental Growth and Decay, and Mechanisms of Ecstasy.

Other Contributions: Professor Sengupta established the Department of Psychology at the University of Calcutta, the first University Department in India. He was Founder Member of the Indian Psychological Association and Founder Editor of Indian Journal of Psychology.

Awards and Honours: Sengupta was elected President of the Psychology Section, Indian Science Congress (1925), and Indian Philosophical Congress (once).

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