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  Tiruvadi Sambasiva  Venkataraman

Name Sir TS Venkataraman
(Sir Tiruvadi Sambasiva Venkataraman)
  Gender M
Birth 1884-06-00
Specialization NA
  Year of Election 1930  
  Demise 1963-01-00

Tiruvadi Sambasiva Venkataraman did his MA from University of Madras and DSc (hc) from Andhra University. While being in the Indian Agricultural Service, he worked as Government Sugarcane Expert, Sugarcane Breeding Station, Coimbatore.

Academic and Research Achievements: Venkataraman made acknowledged contributions to sugarcane research and development in India. He saved the first batch of sugarcane seedlings raised in the country from destruction. He raised the hybrid seedlings (S. officinarum x S. spontaneum) under ordinary field conditions and spotted a few quite unlike any ordinary grass seedlings. He pioneered the study of the root system of the sugarcane crop. By simple, unorthodox techniques using earthen posts and glass bangles for supporting the sugarcane set, he was able to show that studies on root system could be conducted in detail and that varieties with desirable root system isolated for use in breeding. He made observations on flowering of varieties, fertility of pollen, artificial culture of pollen, viability of hybrid seed, etc., recorded and coded them for use in the hybridization programme.

Other Contributions: Venkataraman served as Member, International Genetics Congress Association, Indian Societies of Genetics and Plant Breeding (President also), and International Society of Sugarcane Technologists.

Awards and Honours: Sir Venkataraman was conferred the titles: Rao Sahib (1920) and Rao Bahadur (1928). He received the CIE (1937), `Wizard of Sugarcane’ Honour, International Genetics Congress, Edinburgh (1939), Knighted (1942), and Padma Bhushan (1956). He was President, Agricultural Section (1928) and General President (1935), Indian Science Congress Association.

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