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   Vijaya Raghavacharya

Name Sir T Vijaya Raghavacharya
(Sir Vijaya Raghavacharya )
  Gender M
Birth 1875-08-00
Specialization NA
  Year of Election 1930  
  Demise 1953-00-00

T Vijaya Raghavacharya was inducted into the Madras Provincial Service in 1898. He held various key positions and worked as Revenue Officer, Madras Corporation (1912-17); Secretary, Board of Revenue (1917-18); Director of Land Records (1918); Deputy Director of Industries (1918-19); Dewan of Cochin (1919-32); Collector and District Magistrate (1920); Commissioner for India, British Empire Exhibition (1922-25); Member, Legislative Assembly (1925-26); Director of Industries (1926); Director of Fisheries (1926); Member, Public Service Commission (1926-29); Vice-Chairman, Imperial Council of Agricultural Research (1929-35); Chairman, Madras Government Committee on Cooperation (1939); and Prime Minister, Mewar State (1939).

Other Contributions: A renowned administrator, Vijaya Raghavacharya served the Indian government in various fields like agriculture and industries and made notable contributions in whatever capacity he worked.

Awards and Honours: Sir T Vijaya Raghavacharya was conferred the KBE and Diwan Bahadur awards.

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