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  Tirukannapuram Vijayaraghavan

Name Professor T Vijayaraghavan
(Professor Tirukannapuram Vijayaraghavan)
  Gender M
Birth 11/30/1902
Specialization Mathematics
  Year of Election 1930  
  Demise 04/20/1955

Tirukannapuram Vijayaraghavan did his DPhil (1928) from University of Oxford, UK. He was Reader, University of Dacca (1931-46), Professor, Andhra University (1946-49) and Director (1949), Ramanujan Institute of Mathematics.

Academic and Research Achievements: Vijayaraghavan worked on the set of limit points of the set {?(n)/n} on Tauberian theorems of the pre-Wienerian variety. His first contribution consisted of a simplified proof of R Schmidt’s theorem on Abel means, converse theorems on summability (of series with real terms) when the sums are infinite instead of being finite as usual. He also did much work on continued fractions. His paper on diophantine approximation arose out of the famous memoir on the Hardy and Littlewood. Vijayaraghavan showed that the analogue of Borel’s theorem, for equations of higher order, was false, and that, even in the case of first-order equations, it would be false if the restriction that the solution should be real was not imposed. His next major interest was the study of the fractional parts of powers of real numbers.

Other Contributions: Vijayaraghavan served as Member, London Mathematical Society and American Mathematical Society.

Awards and Honours: Professor Vijayaraghavan was elected President of the Indian Mathematical Society.

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