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  Ganesh Sakharam Mahajani

Name Professor GS Mahajani
(Professor Ganesh Sakharam Mahajani)
  Gender M
Birth 1898
Specialization Mathematics
  Year of Election 1930  
  Demise 26-07-1984

Ganesh Sakharam Mahajani did his PhD (1929) from University of Cambridge, UK specializing in Mathematics. He served as the Vice-Chancellor, Rajasthan (1947-53), Delhi (1953-57), Udaipur (1963-72), and Pune (1972-75) universities.

Academic and Research Achievements: Mahajani worked on the theory of ferromagnetic crystals. Also tackled problems in geometry and differential equations.

Other Contributions: Mahajani’s publications include (a) Lessons in Elementary Analysis (VI edition published in 1965), (b) Introduction to Pure Solid Geometry (VII edition published), (c) Applications of Moving Axes to Geometry of Surfaces & Curves in Space (d) Differential Equations in Physics (Introduction to fractional differentiation published in Indian Mathematical Journal), (e) Education and Democracy, (f) Delhi University: Its place among the Universities of India and (g) India’s Defence Problem Apart from these, there were a large number of publications on cultural, social and educational topics.

Award and Honours: Smith’s Prize (University of Cambridge) (1926) and was a Fellow, National Academy of Sciences (India), Cambridge Philosophical Society at St John’s College, Cambridge.

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