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  Sahay Ram Bose

Name Professor SR Bose
(Professor Sahay Ram Bose)
  Gender M
Birth 1888
Specialization Botany and Mycology
  Year of Election 1935  
  Demise 06-12-1970

Sahay Ram Bose obtained his PhD degree from the University of Calcutta. His areas of specialization were botany and mycology. He was Professor of Botany, RG Kar Medial College and Carmichael Medical College, Kokata; Director, CNRS, France (1957-59); Professor of Medical Mycology, School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata (1960-62); and an Emeritus Professor of Botany, RG Kar Medical College, Kolkata.

Academic and Research Achievements: Bose's main work was on Polyporaceae found in Bengal on which he published a monograph issued in eleven parts, over the years 1918-43, describing 143 species. He also studied antkill fungi from termite nests found in some islands in Chilika lake. He studied nitrogen fixation in some species of trees and discovered (with PW Williams) that Phoma casuarinae does not fix nitrogen directly from air. Dr Bose made attempts to isolate an antibiotic 'polyporin', similar to penicillin, from Polypores sanguineous.

Awards and Honours: Dr Bose was a Fellow of Royal Society of Edinburgh. He was Vice-President, Mycology Section of International Botanical Congress, Stockholm (1950).

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