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  Satyendra Nath Chakravarti

Name Dr SN Chakravarti
(Dr Satyendra Nath Chakravarti )
  Gender M
Birth 1903
Specialization Organic Chemistry
  Year of Election 1935  
  Demise 28-08-1945

Satyendra Nath Chakravarti obtained his DPhil (1929) from the University of Oxford, UK. His specialization was in organic chemistry. He was Reader and Head, Chemistry Department, Annamalai University; Chemical Examiner to the Government of Central Provinces and United Provinces (India).

Academic and Research Achievements: Chakravarti's research related to synthesis of a number of isomers of tetrahydroberberine, a new method of synthesis of substituted phthalonic acids, pseudo-opionic acid, etc., and chemical investigation of Indian medicinal plants. He also dealt with methods used in the medico-legal and forensic work. As Chemical Examiner, he turned his attention to forensic chemistry and established the methods of determining arsenic content in human bones and ashes, analyzing various opium preparations and estimating cocaine in mixtures.

Other Contributions: Chakravarti contributed substantially towards education.

Awards and Honours: Chakravarti was a Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore; Royal Institute of Great Britain and Ireland; and Indian Chemical Society.

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