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  Gouripati Chatterjee

Name Professor G Chatterjee
(Professor Gouripati Chatterjee)
  Gender M
Birth 1892
Specialization Meteorology
  Year of Election 1935  
  Demise 10-07-1942

Gouripati Chatterjee did his MSc (1919) from the University of Calcutta. His specialization was in meteorology. He was Meteorologist (1922-28); and Meteorologist-in-Charge (1928-42) of Upper Air Observatory, Agra. He was an Honorary Professor of Meteorology, Agra University, Agra (1939-41).

Academic and Research Achievements: Chatterjee contributed a great deal to the organization and development of the Upper Air Observatory at Agra. He was responsible for the expansion of civil and military aviation in the east. He made notable contributions to technical developments relating to observations of pressure, temperature and humidity of upper air atmosphere, design of hygrographs, modified Dine's type meteorograph, 'clown' balloon meteorograph, single- temperature indicator and multiple-temperature indicator. He studied the origin of cold waves in India and the results of soundings at Jhikargacha in Bengal (now in Bangladesh) during April-May 1939.

Awards and Honours: Chatterjee was Founder Fellow of National Academy Sciences (India), Allahabad.

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