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  Bidhu Bhushan Ray

Name Professor BB Ray
(Professor Bidhu Bhushan Ray)
  Gender M
Birth 1894-07-00
Specialization Scattering of Light; Colouring of Glasses
  Year of Election 1935  
  Demise 29-07-1944

Bidhu Bhusan Ray received DSc (1922) from University of Calcutta. He remained Professor of Physics, and Khaira Professor of Physics at the University College of Science and Technology, Kolkata.

Academic and Research Achievements: Ray’s doctorate thesis on scattering of light brought him great reputation. His findings had an important bearing on the colouring of glasses by suspended metal particles and the axial colours exhibited by clouds. His investigations at the laboratories of Manne Sieghahn (Uppasala, Sweden) and Niels Bohr (Copenhagen) contributed significantly to the revision of a theory on the origin of X-ray spectra. He was able to establish that the spectra are actually modified by chemical combination. He studied the emission and absorption spectra of elements in the soft X-ray region, which shed light on the distribution of electrons in the solid state. From the theory of the fine structure of X-ray absorption edges, he obtained interesting results on the nature of ions in a solution.

Other Contributions: Professor Ray was Founder Member of the Indian Science News Association. He edited the journal Science & Culture.

Awards and Honours: Professor Ray was elected President, Physics Section, Indian Science Congress (1942).

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