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  Jitendra Mohan Sen

Name Dr JM Sen
(Dr Jitendra Mohan Sen)
  Gender M
Birth 1892-04-25
Specialization Education
  Year of Election 1935  
  Demise 29-08-1956

Jitendra Mohan Sen did his MEd (1922) from University of Leeds, UK. He worked as Head Master, Keshab Academy; Principal, Krishnagar College, Nadia, and David Hare Training College, Kolkata; Assistant Director, Public Instruction, West Bengal; and In-charge, Teacher’s Training College, University of Calcutta.

Academic and Research Achievements: Sen studied methods of Education and organized postgraduate studies in education. Sen authored a number of books both in English and Bengali on education, one of them being Manaswiter Map (Measurement of Intelligence).

Other Contributions: Sen served as Member of the World Association for Adult Education (1931-32). He was Life Member of Viswa Bharati and also Member, INSA Council. He served as Editor of the Indian Journal of Psychology (1948-53) and also INSA publications.

Awards and Honours: Sen was President of the Psychology Section, Indian Science Congress (1936) and Indian Psychological Association (1942-45); Honorary General Secretary, Asiatic Society (1950-54); and Honorary Secretary, Keshab Academy, Kolkata (1949-56).

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