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  Sir William Ernest Victor Abraham

Name Major Gen WEV Abraham
(Major Gen Sir William Ernest Victor Abraham)
  Gender M
Birth 1897
Specialization Geology and Petroleum Geology
  Year of Election 1936  
  Demise 06-02-1980

Maj-Gen Sir WEV Abraham was an Associate, Royal College of Science, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. His specialization was in Geology and Petroleum Geology. He was Managing Director, Burmah Oil Co Ltd and Controller General of Military Economy, India (1945).

Academic and Research Achievements: Abraham's forte lay in applying scientific principles to the development of oilfields. He played a leading role in the systematic development of the Yenangyang and Singu oilfields in Burma. His originality was illustrated in the invention of directional inclinometer, a device (used in oil drilling) known for its simplicity as well as the ingenious use of elementary physical principles.

Awards and Honours: Abraham was Commander of the Order of British Empire (CBE) (1942) and was Knighted (1977). He was a Fellow of Geological Society of London and Member of Burma Star Association (National Chairman) as well as of Institution of Petroleum Technologists.

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