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  Jyotirmay  Ghosh

Name Professor J Ghosh
(Professor Jyotirmay Ghosh)
  Gender M
Birth 1896
Specialization Applied Mathematics
  Year of Election 1936  
  Demise 1965-00-00

Jyotirmay Ghosh obtained his PhD degree (1927) from the University of Edinburgh. His area of specialization was applied mathematics. He was Professor & Head, Department of Mathematics University of Dacca; Professor of Mathematics and Principal, Presidency College, Calcutta.

Academic and Research Achievements: Ghosh worked on the theory of elasticity and theory of relativity. He discussed the case of strain in a gravitation sphere and investigated several problems of vibrations including the torsional vibrations of a tube, longitudinal vibrations of a hollow cylinder and transverse vibrations of a thin rotating rod and of a rotating circular ring. He also obtained solutions of the gravitational equations for fluid mass in which the radial and transverse stresses are linearly related. He found that the solutions in these general forms included, as special cases, the solutions of Einstein, De Sitter and Schwarzchild. Investigating the gravitational field of an electron, he found that the solution contained a term which exactly corresponds to the De Sitter term ? interpolated in Einstein’s equations.

Other Contributions: Dr Ghosh wrote sixteen books in Bengali under the pseudonym ‘Bhaskara’. He also wrote Ganiter Bhitti and Banglay Ganit Siksa, which were published by the University of Calcutta. He was the Founder-Editor of Indian Physico Mathematical Journal. Ghosh was a good homeopath who cured many intricate cases.

Awards and Honours: Dr Ghosh was a Life Member of Calcutta Mathematical Society, a Member of Indian Physical Society, a Member of Court, Academic Council and Senate, University of Dacca and of Board of Higher Studies, University of Calcutta.

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