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  Lt. Col.Henery Edward Shortt

Name Professor HE Shortt
(Professor Lt. Col.Henery Edward Shortt)
  Gender M
Birth 1887-04-15
Specialization Parasitology; Protozoology
  Year of Election 1936  
  Demise NA

Lt Col Henry Edward Shortt obtained LLD (1952) from University of Aberdeen, UK. He was in Indian Medical Service and worked as Director, Indian Institute of Preventive Medicine, Guindy, Chennai.

Academic and Research Achievements: Working in the areas: parasitology and protozoology, Shortt conducted studies on the sandfly fever virus and made an attempt at prophylactic vaccination. He discovered the transmitting agent (Phlebotomus argentips) of kala-azar and the cryptic stage of malaria in the liver. He explored the complete life-cycle of Babesia canis and described and named endemic fluorosis cause, symptoms and pathology. He made significant contributions to antirabic treatment, and also worked on Indian tick typhus fever and conducted an enquiry on the filtrable viruses.

Awards and Honours: Shortt received many awards, notably: Kaiser-I-Hind (1945); King’s Honorary Physician (1941-44); Mary Kingsley’S Medal; Darling Medal (1952); CIE (1941); and Straits Settlement Gold Medal (1938). He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of London; President, Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (1949-51); and Honorary Member, American Society of Parasitologists.

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