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  R Gopala Aiyar

Name Professor RG Aiyar
(Professor R Gopala Aiyar)
  Gender M
Birth 1887
Specialization Classical Zoology and Marine Biology
  Year of Election 1938  
  Demise 18-01-1971

R Gopala Aiyar did his MSc from the University of Liverpool, UK. His specialization was in classical zoology and marine biology. He was Head, Natural Science Department, Teachers College, Chennai; Professor of Zoology, Maharajah's College, Ernakulam; Additional Professor of Zoology, Presidency College, Chennai (1929-33); University Professor of Zoology and Director, University Zoological Laboratory, Chennai.

Academic and Research Achievements: Aiyar made original contributions to our knowledge of the morphology, embryology and bionomics of Indian polychaete worms, echnoids and fishes; and contributed with his pupils, numerous original papers on the marine and brackish water fauna of the Chennai coast and on the cytology of various marine animals, particularly, on the Oogenesis and the Golgi apparatus of invertebrate marine animals.

Awards and Honours: Aiyar was President, Zoology Section of Indian Science Congress (1933); and President, Madras Science Club (1937). He was a recipient of Curzon Prize by Maharajah of Travancore.

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