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  Nalini Kanta  Sur

Name Dr NK Sur
(Dr Nalini Kanta Sur)
  Gender F
Birth 1892-08-24
Specialization Meteorology and Exploration; Problems in Physical Optics; Laminar Diffraction; Scattering of light
  Year of Election 1938  
  Demise 02-07-1981

Nalini Kanta Sur received DSc (1927) from University of Allahabad. He worked as Meteorologist, Class I, Upper Air Observatory, Agra, Superintending Meteorologist, Meteorological Office, Pune (1927-46); and Head, Department of Meteorology, Oceanography and Exploration Geophysics, Andhra University, Waltair.

Academic and Research Achievements: Sur worked on problems in physical optics as laminar diffraction, scattering of light by smoky quartz, departure form Fernel’s laws of reflection, etc. He made notable contributions to meteorology and exploration.

Other Contributions: Dr Sur was largely responsible for starting the departments of Geophysics, Meteorology and Oceanography, and Geophysics (Exploration) in Andhra University. He also served as Member of the INSA Council (1941-43).

Awards and Honours: Dr Sur was elected Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad

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