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  CG Lewis

Name Brigadier CG Lewis
(Brigadier CG Lewis)
  Gender M
Birth 0
Specialization Geographical Survey
  Year of Election 1039  
  Demise NA

Brigadier CG Lewis had specialized in geographical survey. He served as the Surveyor General, India.

Academic and Research Achievements: During 1911-12 Lewis explored unadministered tracts of the North-East Frontier of India. On war service from 1914 to 1918, he made rapid but most valuable triangulation surveys of Iraq and Egypt. During 1919-20 he was in service in the Afghan War Boundary Commission. In 1924 he was engaged in survey of Irreawaddy Delta, a difficult region to survy by ground methods. Indeed the success of this work was almost entirely due to Lewis’s initiative. During 1928-32 he was in charge of the survey of Dir, Swat, Chitral etc. (difficult tribal tracts on the North-West Frontier of India, now in Pakistan) of which previous maps were extremely sketchy. Throughout he showed great originality in his methods and vastly advanced the technique of survey.

Awards and Honours: Lewis received the Founder’s Medal (Royal Geographical Society) (1937).

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