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  Chiranjilal Pasricha

Name Lt Col C Pasricha
(Lt Col Chiranjilal Pasricha)
  Gender M
Birth 1897-09-09
Specialization Pathology; Bacteriology
  Year of Election 1939  
  Demise 01-11-1958

Lt Col Chiranjilal Pasricha obtained MB (1923) from University of Canterbury, UK. He worked in Indian Military Service (1925) and became Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology and later Director (1944-47), School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata; Medical Advisor, Indian High Commission, London (1947-55).

Academic and Research Achievements: Pasricha made extensive researches on the cholera bacteriophage, and discovered more than 15 types of choleraphage. Using the choleraphage, he transformed the classical cholera vibrio into eltor type, showing the mutagenic relationship between the two types of organism. He also employed choleraphage in the treatment of cholera. He extended his studies to typhoid and dysentery phages and to the treatment of bacillary dysentery by phage. He also attempted treatment of cholera with newly developed sulphonamides.

Awards and Honours: Lt Col Pasricha won the Minto Medal of the School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata (1939). He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, London.

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