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  Krishna Bindu Madhava

Name Dr KB Madhava
(Dr Krishna Bindu Madhava)
  Gender M
Birth 1895
Specialization Statistics
  Year of Election 1940  
  Demise 26-04-1984

Krishna Bindu Madhava did his Associateship (1923) from Institute of Actuaries, London, UK specializing in statistics. He served as the Professor of Mathematical Economics and Statistics, University of Mysore (1923-47); Professor of Statistics, Presidency College, Kolkata and Andhra University; Administrator, International Statistical Education; Vice-President, Indian Statistical Institute (1951-64).

Academic and Research Achievements: Madhava was well known for his contribution to statistics, mathematical economics, demography, and actuarial science.

Other contributions: Co-authored On the Lifeline of the Thyroid (1932) (the book dealt not with medical science but with medical statistics); edited Proc Int Conf Int Dev Soc (1969).

Awards and Honours: Krishna Bindu Madhava was the Fellow, Mathematical Society (London), Royal Astronomical Society, International Institute of Statistics, and Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore. He was the President, Statistical Section, Indian Science Congress (1946).

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