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  Suhrid Kumar Roy

Name Professor SK Roy
(Professor Suhrid Kumar Roy)
  Gender M
Birth 1895-01-01
Specialization Petrology; Economic Geology
  Year of Election 1940  
  Demise 16-07-1959

Suhrid Kumar Roy obtained PhD (1924) from University of Zurich, Switzerland. He was Geologist, Bandsa State, Bombay; State Geologist, Mandi; also Professor and Head, Department of Geology, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad (1928-46).

Academic and Research Achievements: Roy carried out geological surveys of zewar lead-zinc deposits. His contributions were mainly in petrology and economic geology. While at Zurich, he carried out a detailed petrological study in an area of Hercynian mountains (southern Black Forest, Germany) and made a detailed study of the enclaves occurring in the Albtal Granit of the region. He correlated sedimentary rocks by means of their heavy mineral assemblages. He conducted a detailed study of heavy minerals of the sandstones associated with the coal seams of Jharia coalfied. In Mandi, Roy studied the geology and mineral resources and in Bandsa prospected for water in the Deccan trap locating well sites. In economic geology, his main contribution was on fuel oil from inferior Jharia coals, mica and mica industry of Bihar, and mica pegmatites of Kodarma. He took great interest in ore-microscopy.

Other Contributions: Roy introduced Applied Aspects of Geology in the syllabus of Indian School of Mines.

Awards and Honours: Professor Roy was elected President of the Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Society of India; and Geology Section, Indian Science Congress (1939).

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