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  Viswanatha Vishnu Sohoni

Name Dr VV Sohoni
(Dr Viswanatha Vishnu Sohoni)
  Gender M
Birth 1898-09-06
Specialization Thunderstorms; Atmospheric Instability
  Year of Election 1942  
  Demise 05-05-1977

Viswanatha Vishnu Sohoni received MSc from University of Bombay. He served as Meteorologist I (1922-42), Superintending Meteorologist (1942-50), Director General of Observatories (1950-53), and In-charge, Meteorological Offices at Kolkata and Karachi, and of a number of Sections in the Headquarters Offices (India Meteorological Department) at Simla and Poona.

Academic and Research Achievements: Sohoni studied the thunderstorms of Kolkata and the associated atmospheric instability. He made an analysis of upper air temperature and humidity data obtained with the aid of sounding balloons, from the point of view of the stability of the atmosphere.

Other Contributions: Sohoni took interest in popularizing meteorology and expounding the benefits of meteorological science. He also served as Editor (ex-officio) Indian Journal of Meteorology & Geophysics.

Awards and Honours: Sohoni was President of the WHO Regional Association for Asia during 1951-53.

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