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  Ramesh Chandra  Ray

Name Professor RC Ray
(Professor Ramesh Chandra Ray)
  Gender M
Birth 1890-01-20
Specialization Boron and Compounds; Borohydrates
  Year of Election 1943  
  Demise 03-12-1959

Ramesh Chandra Ray received DSc (1923) from University of London, UK. He worked as Assistant Professor, Patna College (1915); Professor (1927), Head of Chemistry Department (1940), Science College, Patna; and Chemical Adviser to the Government of Bihar (1940).

Academic and Research Achievements: Ray’s research activities centred on the chemistry of boron and its compounds. He identified two isomers of H6B2O2, which were named borohydrates, and were distinguished as ?- and ?- diboron borohydrates. He succeeded in preparing the potassium salt of the ? modification of the diboron borohydrate by the action of dilute potassium hydroxide solution on samples of properly prepared magnesium boride. Ray and his coworkers also studied the mechanism of hydrolysis of magnesium boride. He also investigated the formation of the hydrides of nickel, cobalt and iron.

Awards and Honours: Professor Ray was President, Chemistry Section, Indian Science Congress (1944). He was elected Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chemistry of Great Britain and Ireland, and Indian Institute of Science (1926).

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