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  Shridhar Sarvottam Joshi

Name Professor SS Joshi
(Professor Shridhar Sarvottam Joshi)
  Gender M
Birth 1898
Specialization Physical Chemistry
  Year of Election 1945  
  Demise 24-07-1984

Shridhar Sarvottam Joshi obtained his DSc (1928) degree from the University of London, UK. His specialization was in Physical Chemistry. He was Professor of Chemistry and Principal, College of Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

Academic and Research Achievements: Joshi specialized in electrochemistry, photochemistry, colloids and electric discharge of gases. In colloid chemistry, he studied the kinetics of coagulation of hydrosols by electrolytes, measured as changes in viscosity, surface tension, refractivity, light absorption or opacity. In electrochemistry, his work helped optimize electroplating conditions. With regard to electric discharge of gases, he observed current suppression effect in chlorine over a wide range of conditions of applied potential, gas pressure and intensity and frequency of light. Extending his study to other gases and vapours, Joshi found that suppression of current in gas under discharge due to external light was a general phenomenon - a phenomenon that came to be known as Joshi effect.

Other Contributions: Joshi was a Member, Governing Body and Chemical Research Committee of CSIR, and was the Founder Member of Maharashtra Academy of Sciences.

Awards and Honours: Joshi received PC Ray Medal (1957). He was President, Chemistry Section of Indian Science Congress (1943) and the Chairman, Physical Chemistry Section, International Congress on Pure and Applied Chemistry, Munich (1959). He was a Fellow of Royal Institute of Chemistry (London) and Indian Academy of Sciences. He was Vice-President of INSA (1963-64).

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