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  Purna Chandra Mahanti

Name Professor PC Mahanti
(Professor Purna Chandra Mahanti)
  Gender M
Birth 1903
Specialization Applied Physics
  Year of Election 1945  
  Demise 27-03-1956

Purna Chandra Mahanti did his DSc from University of Calcutta specializing in applied physics. He was the Sir Rashbehary Ghose Professor and Head, Department of Applied Physics, University of Calcutta.

Research Achievements: Mahanti studied the dielectric properties of materials. Much of his research was concerned with molecular spectroscopy with special reference to diatomic oxide and halide molecules. He also did some work on infrared absorption spectra. He built the first electrical measurements and standardization laboratory in India and investigated the insulating properties of Indian mica and vegetable oils.

Other Contributions: Mahanti’s major contribution was to the expansion of technical education in India. He initiated the Faculty of Technology in the University of Calcutta.

Awards and Honours: Mahanti was the Fellow Institute of Physics (London); Associate Member, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, and British Standards Institution; Secretary, Indian Physical Society. He delivered the Adhar Chandra Mukherji Lecture of University of Calcutta in 1956.

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