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  Saradindu Basu

Name Dr S Basu
(Dr Saradindu Basu)
  Gender M
Birth 1903
Specialization Meteorology; Geophysics and Geography
  Year of Election 1946  
  Demise 11-06-1995

Saradindu Basu did his MSc in the year 1927 from the University of Allahabad. His areas of specialization were meteorology, geophysics and geography. Basu was the Director General of Observatories, Meteorological Department, Government of India and Joint Director, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi and Kolkata.

Academic and Research Achievements: Basu's research spanned a wide spectrum of meteorology: cyclones of the Indian seas, temperature inversions in the upper atmosphere, microbarograph oscillations in the atmosphere associated with thunderstorms, storm waves and surges generated in association with storms in the Bay of Bengal, medium range forecasting of weather, and convection and subsidence of air in thunderstorms over northern India. He was also interested in assessing the validity of 'weather lore' prevalent in India.

Other Contributions: Saradindu Basu was responsible for the installation of storm-detecting radar at Bombay, Calcutta and Delhi, and for extending their use at other air-and-sea-ports. He advised on various hydrometeorological projects such as flood forecasting in river basins and for projects connected with the construction of dams in river valleys (DVS and Kosi) and organized the publication of the Indian Nautical Almanac and Ephemeries at the Alipore Meteorological Office.

Awards and Honours: Saradindu Basu won the Medal of the National Geographical Society of India. He was a Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad, Indian Physical Society, and Indian Aeronautical Society. Basu was a Member of the Calendar Reforms Committee, President of the Climatological Commission, World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and Indian representative at WMO Congress in Paris and Geneva. He was the Founder President of the Indian Meteorological Society.

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